Kalk Bay is a fishing village on the False Bay Coastline near Cape Town. The Harbour founded in the early 1900’s is one of the few remaining working fishing harbours in the Cape Peninsula. Colourful Fishing boats and calmer water in the Harbour provided the perfect palette for images of reflections.
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Like liquid Grafitti, colourful reflections from Fishing boats docked at Kalk Bay Harbour dance on the surface of the water. Influenced by tidal movement or passing boats the reflections transform the water surface into a continuous array of colourful patterns, of varying shapes sizes. Abstract is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and abstract images of the reflections are my response to the prompt.

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Reflections of the Vibrant colours of moored Fishing Trawlers at Hout Bay Harbour, appear to blend themselves into the ripples of the water. The weekly photo challenge prompt for this week is Vibrant, “to keep the winter gloom at Bay”. The bright sunny days in the Southern Hemisphere, certainly added another dimension to these vibrant reflections.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Vivid

With its 5 seaside villages each with colourful houses and ancient vineyards clinging on to steep terraces, and overlooking quaint harbours with colourful fishing boats Cinque Terre in Italy is indeed a Tourist hotspot in Summer. Surprisingly, this colourful atmosphere is not lost in the cold and wet winter months. Vivid is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of colourful houses and boats at Manarola and Vernazza are my response to the prompt.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Broken

Anadolu Kavagi is a cute little Seaside Village on the Asian side of Turkey, located at the end of the Bosphorus river as it enters the Black Sea. Easily reached by road over the bridge across the Bosphorus from Istanbul, and along a winding coastal road through similar little harbour villages. Alternately it can be reached by taking an inexpensive ferry from Istanbul which cris crosses between harbour villages on the European and Asian Continents until the turn around point at Anadolu Kavagi. On a recent visit by Ferry, I opted to travel back by bus on the Asian side. While waiting for the next bus to arrive, I wandered around the village, and stumbled upon a house which had an external wall that was decorated with a variety of broken ceramic objects, ranging from tiles, to cups, saucers plates etc. Some of these broken pieces had dislodged, leaving an obvious indentation in the plaster. Broken is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the broken objects in the wall are my response to the prompt…………………

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broken-2 broken-4

Weekly Photo Challenge : Fray

Fishing trawlers at Veldrift harbour. With rusty steel loops and frayed ropes used in the fishing operations, hanging over the side of the boat.
Fray is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week………………..
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Zig Zag

Hiking routes connecting the Villages of the Cinque Terra in Italy, zigzag their way across the Countryside, through valleys and ridges, through terraced planting areas and alongside flowing mountain streams. These routes become more formalised when they reach the Villages, yet still zigzag their way through the colourful buildings. Zigzag happens to be the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images along the route and wiythin the village are my response to the prompt..
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Unexpected

In a little village called Velddrif, not too far from Cape Town, I stumbled upon this Fish Shop with still fresh fish hanging out in the sun to dry. Unexpected? perhaps for some of us :-), maybe not all of us :-). Unexpected is the prompt for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, so images of the fish drying out are my response to the unexpected prompt……….. the journey continues……….

unexpected 03
unexpected 04

52 Photos Project : Crop it

Crop it, is a prompt on Bella’s 52 Photos Project ( this week, to post two versions of the same image, before and after. The possibilities are numerous, since each image can be cropped in so many different ways. Interestingly, the original uncropped image, is actually a crop from a scene that was selected by the photographer to start with. I’ve selected an image of some fishing boats at Lamberts Bay on the West Coast for my Crop it post………the journey continues……….

west coast boat

Travel Theme : Food

The prompt for the Travel Theme on this week is food. Undoubtedly, Ailsa’s pictures and tantalisingly descriptive post about the Halal Guys in New York is going to have many mouths watering, not to mention having an impact on the length of the queues for this food .. :-).

Undeniably, travel and food go hand in hand, so this prompt is probably going to have a huge array of different experiences. For some reason, when I saw the prompt I was reminded of a specific experience in Bergen, Norway, a few years ago. It was my first day in Bergen, so I was quite keen to see the place and orientate myself with the place that was to be my home for the next few days. It was a particularly grey, overcast, cold and wet day, so lots of clothing and waterproof gear was the order of the day. I am not really one for tourist bus overviews and prefer to just walk around considering you get to see and experience a lot more that way.

So it was after some walking around that I stumbled upon this quite casual “seafood” market at the harbours edge, I saw it from the distance with this hive of activity, and lots of people moving around. You got the impression from far away that something was happening, and curiosity kind just draws you in, like it did the many other tourists that were there. At first I saw the ‘seafood” market with all the “fresh” seafood, paellas, shellfish and all sorts of other delicacies, some of it still moving!! and then as you move along you come across the stalls with the prepared food, catering to virtually every seafood palette there is. There were some interesting items on the menu, but just the simple “fish and chips” prepared there and then right in front of you, was more than enough to keep me happy…. 🙂 . Unlikely that there were as many people queueing as in New York, but I guess Bergen does have quite a few less people.. 🙂 Further along there was even a fruit stall, offering something else for those that didnt feel particularly like seafood.

I managed to sneak in a few images in between chips.. :-), unfortunately, none of them of the meal I had :-(, some of these images accompany this post………………the journey continues………………..