Travel theme : Costume

Infecting the City is an annual festival of arts and dance in Cape Town, that I’ve postd about previously. Bringing a variety of performances to Public spaces in the inner city, providing an opportunity for city dwellers and workers to experience the almost impromptu performances during the course of their daily activities. Integrated into the buzz of the business day, and into the nightlife of the city, performers are almost only deperated from the general public by the “costumes” that they wear. Costumes is the prompt on Ailsas Travel theme on {} this week, so I’m posting some images of the festival in response to the prompt…
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Weekly Photo Challenge : In the background

Is it in the Background, Foreground, Reflected?? Depends how you look at it?  I suppose all three in some of these images of Observatory in Cape Town, a wonderfully vibey colourful area, perfect for images to respond to the “in the background” prompt on the weekly photo challenge this week..
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Travel Theme : Green

Ailsa’s ( prompt on this weeks travel theme is Green.

I took some images while on a hike in Robertson, where there was lots of green around…here are some of natures perfect answers to the green prompt…….

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52 Photos Project : Vintage

Some time ago I posted a blog about the Wijnland Auto Museum near Paarl, about 45mins from Cape Town. Bellas’s prompt “Vintage” on the 52 Photos Project, reminded me of my visit, and prompted me to post another…:-). Vintage is undoubtedly the general theme there, though there are different categories I suppose. Fully operational cars, others that are still in good condition though not operational, and of course the “graveyard”. I was keen to shoot the rich hues of the rusting cars, which despite their state of impending decay, still seemed to exude a sense of character and status………….here are some of my images…….the journey continues…………


Weekly Photo Challenge : Regret

I guess everybody must be quite relieved with the on time release of this weeks challenge topic :-). Perhaps the WP guys regret releasing last weeks topic late, hence the topic for this weeks challenge “regret”.

I posted recently about a trip to Southern Italy at the end of last year. Well, my interpretation of this weeks topic is about an incident while visiting the city of Naples. Winter in Southern Europe can be a real mixed bag of weather conditions, so anything is possible. The weather forecast had predicted a little bit of rain on this day, and there was a spit and a spot that morning, but all in all it seemed like the worst was over. So while venturing about through the old city in Naples, I noticed quite a few vendors selling umbrellas in the streets. Most people just walked by without really stopping to buy anything. I was approached by one of them, offering me an umbrella, but somehow he just didnt want to tell me the price, other than how wonderful the umbrella was, and that fact that I should really get one!! I figured he was just looking for a quick buck from an unsuspecting tourist :-). So, I fobbed him off and walked off.

As it turned out, not even 15 minutes later, the heavens opened up and there i was in the middle of a rainstorm!! Yes, you guessed it, without an umbrella :-). The irony of the situation is that minutes before you could have had your pick of umbrella sellers, but at that moment when an umbrella seller would have been a godsend, nothing!! They all seemed to just disappear the minute the rain started coming down.

The locals just took it in their stride, and whipped out their umbrellas, opened them up adding a kaleidoscope of colour and wonderful reflections to the otherwise dark, dull and not to mention wet scene. Everyone just seemed to be pretty prepared, and get on with what they were doing.

I of course “regret”ted not listening a little more to the umbrella guy, and sticking around long enough to get one. So, if the umbrella guy is reading this ” You were right, Dude :-)”. I tried to keep my spirits up and decided to take a few shots of the ensuing scenes, (while trying to keep myself and my camera dry:-), perhaps as a subtle reminder that maybe umbrella sellers know a little bit more about rain than a roving tourist 🙂

Todays images are some of those during my moments of “REGRET” ……………..the journey continues……………………..

Weekly Photo Challenge : Breakfast

Another great challenge, with probably numerous interpretations from every person, each as diverse as the next, with some undoubtedly original ones :-). For me, there are a few standard run of the mill options, though those dont get to be photographed. 🙂 just eaten :-). However, a memorable one I did photograph was while on a working trip in Tanzania, not too long ago, fresh fruit, served exactly as it came out of its skin, yummy 🙂 no toppings or coatings 🙂 just as nature intended 🙂 ……………………..the journey continues ……………………… 


Windows on Berlin

Those of you that have seen my Photo Challenge post for this week, will have already been transported to Malmo in Sweden, the location of that post. So, I figured that maybe it would be a good idea to head just a little south for a follow up post. Not too far South, just as far as Germany, to the city of Berlin. Also another conventional response, but a rather appropriate one, in my opinion.

The Reichstag building dates back to the late 1800’s. the building was victim to a fire in 1933 and was even subjected to bombardment during the World War.
But, that was then, time has moved on and the building was extensively restored in 1999, after which it became the official home of the Bundestag. The restoration was designed by Norman Foster.

The restoration included the introduction of a huge glazed circular dome at the top of the building, affording 360 degree views of the City of Berlin. The main hall of Parliament can be seen from the dome. The design of the dome included strategic placement of mirrors and glazing to allow radiation of natural light onto the parliament floor. An electronically operated solar shielding louvre rotates around the dome as it tracks the sun to prevent direct sunlight from being reflected into the main hall. The dome is accessible to the Public by arrangement. Two ramps that overlap one another provide access to the upper level of the dome, offering wonderful views of the City. If you look closely at the images of the ramps, you will notice that the one has people going up, while the other has them coming down the ramp.

I had the opportunity to visit the building a few years ago, fortunately, with camera in hand. When I saw the Photo Challenge topic I was reminded of these rather unique “windows”, because they work “both” ways, by offering views out of the building into Berlin, and are transparent enough to look into the building, especially at night when the illuminated dome above the building becomes visible………….the journey continues……..