Weekly Photo Challenge : Muse

Regular readers of my blog may have noticed tha the Sea Point Promenade has featured in a few of my posts over the years. Literally down the road from the City Centre, the promenade is a lively walkway above the sea wall along the Atlantic Seaboard. Weather has a large influence in ensuring this is a changing environment. Anything from raging storms, high winds, dramatic clouds with crashing waves to perfectly placid waters with Seagulls and Paragliders floating over can be encountered there. Facing West, it is the perfect foreground for sunsets into the sea, which introduces another dimension. This dynamic environment has numerous photographic opportunities, and is a muse for many a photographer, myself included.

Muse is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and a variety of images taken along the Promenade are my response to the prompt.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : ROY G. BIV

Hmmmm… I guess this weeks photo challenge prompt is a tad difficult title to decipher.. it happens to be an acronym for Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet, the colours of the rainbow.

One of my very early posts https://4otomo.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/remember-to-take-the-camera/ was about always having your camera with you, and this is what I do almost all of the time. However, by some weird coincidence, whenever I see a rainbow, I don’t have my camera available, resulting in me not having a “rainbow” images for this prompt.

Nevertheless, these images of Strelitzias at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in Cape Town, highlighting some of those colours are my response to the prompt…..

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Off-Season

Alpujarra is a historic natural region on the Southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in Andalucia, Spain, situated east of the famous city of Granada. The Sierra Nevada range stretches about 80km from West to East, and includes two of the highest mountains in Southern Spain, exceeding 3400m in height.

On a visit there in mid winter a few years ago, I was expecting snow covered slopes, blending in with the characterful white villages of the region. On the contrary, there was only snow on the highest peaks, with green to yellowing landscape everywhere, which appeared very much off-season weather to me.

Off-Season is the prompt on the weekly photo challenge this week and images of the region during this time are my response to the prompt………..

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off-season off-season-9 off-season-8 off-season-5 off-season-4 off-season-2 off-season-3 off-season-7

Weekly Photo Challenge : Vivid

With its 5 seaside villages each with colourful houses and ancient vineyards clinging on to steep terraces, and overlooking quaint harbours with colourful fishing boats Cinque Terre in Italy is indeed a Tourist hotspot in Summer. Surprisingly, this colourful atmosphere is not lost in the cold and wet winter months. Vivid is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of colourful houses and boats at Manarola and Vernazza are my response to the prompt.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Broken

Anadolu Kavagi is a cute little Seaside Village on the Asian side of Turkey, located at the end of the Bosphorus river as it enters the Black Sea. Easily reached by road over the bridge across the Bosphorus from Istanbul, and along a winding coastal road through similar little harbour villages. Alternately it can be reached by taking an inexpensive ferry from Istanbul which cris crosses between harbour villages on the European and Asian Continents until the turn around point at Anadolu Kavagi. On a recent visit by Ferry, I opted to travel back by bus on the Asian side. While waiting for the next bus to arrive, I wandered around the village, and stumbled upon a house which had an external wall that was decorated with a variety of broken ceramic objects, ranging from tiles, to cups, saucers plates etc. Some of these broken pieces had dislodged, leaving an obvious indentation in the plaster. Broken is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the broken objects in the wall are my response to the prompt…………………

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broken-2 broken-4

2015 FNB Cape Town 12 ONERUN – Glimpses

Cape Town 12 One Run, a celebration of Cape Town itself, the Culture, the People, the City, the Landmarks, all wrapped into one road race, 12 km from Milnerton to the City Centre. Thousands of runners took to the road, and in true Cape Town spirit, enjoyed every step of the way. Here are some glimpses of runners making their way up the Companys Gardens and other points en route to the finish. More images being added all the time, so feel free to browse again to see more images…….

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High resolution versions of all images are available on request by emailing 4otomo@gmail.com

Weekly Photo Challenge : Enveloped

Dramatic cloud formation over Cape Town’s newest all glass skyscraper, is also the tallest in the City. The 139m high, 32 storey Portside Tower has over 52000 sq.m of floor, located in a prominent position in the City, with Table Mountain as its backdrop.
Enveloped is propmpt on the weekly photo challenge this week, and these images of the almost draped Portside Tower are my response to the prompt.
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