I’ve been away, so have not had an opportunity to wish one and all a Happy and Peaceful New Year, fingers crossed ūüôā its going to be a wonderful year for all of us. Thank you to all followers, commenters, readers, and all others who visit my blog from time to time, without you, this blog would have no purpose……….

I had an opportunity to observe the Northern Lights on a visit to Sweden and Norway a few years ago, it was an overwhelmingly amazing experience, which I hoped to repeat in future. Well, I was hoping another opportunity would arise on my recent trip to Iceland, and lo and behold after a few days of cloudy skies, the lights came out to play :-). Ambience is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the Northern Lights in Berunes, Iceland are my response to the prompt…….

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Driving through the Kruger National Park during the day in summertime, does not afford the best opportunities to spot animals. However, if you look carefully amidst the shadows, below trees, and in the long grass, you will probably see some nocturnal hunters taking a relaxing morning nap. Best to just let sleeping cats lie. Relax is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week, and images of these Lions completely relaxed below the tress are my response to the prompt.

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I came across this busker while walking through one of Milan’s pedestrian only zones on a recent trip. Defying gravity while appearing to be completely still in a world that’s moving all around him, he attracted a lot of attention from passers by trying to work out how exactly he was able to be seated in that position without any apparent support. Any idea how he did that? :-):-) Magic is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the busker are my response to the Challenge…

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2016 Cape Town Color Run – Glimpses

The 2016 Color Run dubbed the “happiest 5km on the Planet” was held last weekend.. Lots of fun, lots of colour, and as many colourful people turned an ordinary 5km run into an extraordinarily colourful¬†¬†one ūüôā
Cape Town’s start and Finish was¬†at ¬†the¬†Green Point Athletic track¬†leading participants along a scenic route¬†around the Cape Town Stadium precinct. Undoubtedly there was lots of fun, and even more colour :-). These are some of my glimpses as I walked along the route. Were you there ??

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2016 Guy Fawkes – Cape Town – Glimpses

The City of Cape Town announced designated sites for discharging Fireworks for Guy Fawkes day. One of these was Maidens Cove along the Atlantic Seaboard. Hundreds of people gathered to view the spectacle of a large variety of Fireworks, large and small, very loud and not so loud, bright and colourful. Onlookers gathered around the parking area, whilst others who were discharging the fireworks, stepped onto the parking area briefly to ignite the fireworks and step away quickly. It all appeared to be very uncoordinated and chaotic, with fireworks ranging from loud bangs and ground based roman candle type fireworks to a variety of skyrockets being set off by people at random, some ending up dangerously close to spectators A strong wind added another dimension to the apparent Chaos. Thankfully, there were no incidents by the time I’d left, and hopefully it remained that way. Chaos is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the fireworks, and associated activity are my response to the prompt.

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2016 Zombie Walk – Cape Town : Glimpses

This weekend saw¬†a large procession of Zombies make their way through the Company’s Gardens, in Cape Town. Each “transmogrified” (To change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely;) with their unique gaping wounds and bloodstained clothing. The group slowly made their way along the avenue, in an attempt to set a Guinness record for the largest gathering of Zombies, observed by curious, and some clearly confused spectators. All in the name of Charity, The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a Non-Profit, Pro-life, Pro-Quality of Life organization that tries to relieve the plight of severely neglected and abused township and street animals. Transmogrify is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and Glimpses of the Cape Town Zombie Walk are my response to the prompt.

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Depending on their orientation, some of the Buildings on the Atlantic Seaboard, get a golden glow as the sun starts to set. Shining off the glazed facades of the higher, more visible buildings as well as the water, this glow is visible from far away.
Shine is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of Sunset and the reflection off the buildings are my response to the prompt.

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