Weekly Photo Challenge : Treasure

Ponte Vecchio (“Old bridge”) the medieval stone spandrel bridge segmented arch bridge in Florence, is one of the more famous treasures of this City. With a long tradition of shopkeepers trading along it ranging from butchers at one stage to present day jewellers, art dealers and souvenir shops. Today, Tourists and locals are able to part with some of their hard earned cash and acquire some glittering treasures of their own at these lavishly decorated shops, that are revealed only once the protective wooden shutters are removed at the start of the business day. Treasure is this weeks prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of the Ponte Vecchio and some stores along it are my response to the prompt…………the journey continues……..


52 Photos Project : Hearts

Just in time for Valentines Day :-), Bella’s prompt on the 52 Photos Project (www.52photosproject.com) this week is Hearts, “vintage heart” is the name of my image in response to the prompt :-)………….the journey continues……….
vintage heart

Weekly Photo Challenge : Community

The City of Cape Town hosted a memorial event “A life celebrated” at the Cape Town Stadium and invited members of the public to pay tribute to the life of Nelson Mandela. The ceremony held on 11 December, featured performances by Annie Lennox, local bands Freshlyground, Johnny Clegg, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and many others. The event turned out to be one of the most memorable at the stadium where a multi-racial, multi-class crowd sang and danced together, united as a people with one single purpose, to pay tribute to the man that made the impossible, possible. Truly a unique, and moving occasion, and indeed a privilege for those who managed to secure a ticket. I was fortunate enough to be given a ticket by someone outside the stadium, and was able to join the thousands and pay my respects to our first democratically elected President. Community is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week, so images from the event are my reponse to the prompt…………….the journey continues………..

Weekly Photo Challenge : Let there be light!

Built in 1976, a difficult time in the Apartheid years in South Africa, The Baxter theatre complex is a vibrant, multicultural entertainment hub in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. With a world class theatre and concert hall, studio stage, rehearsal rooms, restaurant, bars, and an impressive spacious foyer, it is still one of the premier venues for the Arts in Cape Town. The theatre, located below the campus of the University of Cape Town, was able to leverage its strong relationship with the University to present multiracial, progressive work at a time when all other non-racial interactivity was banned or censored. So, I guess in its own way, synonymous with “let there be the light” ….. which happens to be this weeks prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge , so together with that idea, and images of the powerful graphic created by the lighting to the Baxter foyer, I’ve added my response to this week’s prompt…………the journey continues……….

let there be light #1
let there be light #6
let there be light #4
let there be light #5
let there be light
let there be light #2

Weekly Photo Challenge : Unexpected

In a little village called Velddrif, not too far from Cape Town, I stumbled upon this Fish Shop with still fresh fish hanging out in the sun to dry. Unexpected? perhaps for some of us :-), maybe not all of us :-). Unexpected is the prompt for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, so images of the fish drying out are my response to the unexpected prompt……….. the journey continues……….

unexpected 03
unexpected 04

Weekly Photo Challenge : Good Morning!

Sunrise at Suiderstrand, a stones throw away from Agulhas, the Southernmost point of the African Continent. Imagine being the only person out there, with the entire African continent North of you, nothing but Ocean until Antarctica:-) South of you. Makes for a pretty Good Morning!! I was out there recently, camera in hand, so I’m posting these images in response to the Good Morning! Prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week……………..the journey continues……………..

good morning-6
good morning-2
good morning-3
good morning
good morning-4
good morning-5

Weekly Photo Challenge : Saturated

A follow up to a recent post which also featured these colourful nectar feeding birds, saturated with colour, perfect for my response to Saturated on this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge ……….the journey continues………

Weekly Photo Challenge : Inside

I wrote in a recent post about the arrival of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, so a perfect opportunity to post some close up images of wild flowers of the Fynbos kingdom in response to the ‘inside” prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge                       …………. the journey continues………


Weekly Photo Challenge : An Unusual POV

Spring is finally arriving, hopefully bringing an end to our winter…:-) so opportunities abound for Photographers to create different POV. This weeks prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge is an unusual point of view. I guess what one photographer sees as unusual, may be completely usual for another…either way, I was out on a hike this weekend taking in the spring colours, camera in hand, and these are some of my points of view……….the journey continues……….

unusual pov-5
unusual pov-4
unusual pov-2
unusual pov-7
unusual pov-6
unusual pov
unusual pov-3

Weekly Photo Challenge : Sea

Muizenberg Beach, south of Cape Town, favourite hangout spot for surfers, where the beach goes out a long way, and the sea just seems to unrelentlessly roll out gentle waves…which appear to be absolutely perfect for the all the first time surfers, though somehow provide enough of a challenge for experienced surfers too. The long beach provides a perfect platform to complement dramatic skies, especially at sunrise, c. Sea is the prompt this week on the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of this dynamic environment are my response to this weeks prompt …….the journey continues……..