I came across this busker while walking through one of Milan’s pedestrian only zones on a recent trip. Defying gravity while appearing to be completely still in a world that’s moving all around him, he attracted a lot of attention from passers by trying to work out how exactly he was able to be seated in that position without any apparent support. Any idea how he did that? :-):-) Magic is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the busker are my response to the Challenge…

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Nighttime

Illuminated shopfronts along Milans’ Navigli District, set the scene for a vibrant district, that seems to come alive at nighttime, frequented by window shoppers, walkers, joggers restaurant goers etc. Nighttime is the prompt for the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of shopfronts in the district are my response to the prompt….
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Room

Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, with it’s four storey high intersecting arcades was a buzz of activity over the festive season. Tourists and locals rubbed shoulders as they walked down the historic arcades, window shopping at designer stores that few of us could afford. Perhaps they were using it as an opportunity to get some respite from the rain :-). Despite the large numbers of people moving through the space, one always got the sense that there was room for more….. Room is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the Galleria are my response to the prompt.

On a more personal note, today is the third anniversary of this blog and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have travelled along this journey with me, followers, commenters, visitors, some from the outset, others joined along the way, some stopped by for a short while, others maybe only a once off visit or perhaps you’ve come across this blog for the first time. Thanks to each an every one of you for taking the time for following a link that brought you to this site :-), without you, 258 posts, 17953 views, 1021 comments 179 followers, would not have been possible. 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Work of Art

Graffiti, loved by some, considered as vandalism by others, yet it’s not uncommon to find commissioned work too. Scribbled, scratched or sprayed, legible or not, driving a message, or just a means of protest, masterpiece or menace, still a work of art to me. Work of art happens to be the prompt for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and these apparently commissioned pieces in downtown Milan are my response to the prompt

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work of art
work of art-2
work of art-9
work of art-3
work of art-7
work of art-8

Weekly Photo Challenge : Letters

Perhaps these letters were never read by their intended recipient, perhaps they were never intended to be …read!, perhaps they were just a thought or a wish put down on a piece of paper……. these were notes, or letters pinned onto a Christmas tree in Milan’s central railway station during the festive season last year. Penned by travellers from different countries, cris-crossing one another at a major railway hub in Europe, written in many different languages, they were put out by individuals yet visible to everyone… Letters, is the prompt on the weekly photo challenge this week, and images of the tree of wishes is my response to the prompt…………….the journey continues………..


52 Photos Project : Hearts

Just in time for Valentines Day :-), Bella’s prompt on the 52 Photos Project ( this week is Hearts, “vintage heart” is the name of my image in response to the prompt :-)………….the journey continues……….
vintage heart

Travel theme : Yellow

Ailsa’s prompt for this weeks Travel theme on ( is “Yellow”. My recent visit to Milan was pretty overcast and wet, so these yellow things brought somewhat a yellow tinge to what was pretty grey skies :-):-)………..the journey continues………..

Weekly Photo Challenge : Object

Milan’s Piazza Duomo was a hive of activity during the festive season, with locals and tourists shopping, taking in the sights, meeting friends, visiting the markets, or just enjoying the space. The object of many childrens attention however was the colourful helium filled character balloons held aloft by the sellers, or even held down by weights lying on the ground. The grand facades of the Duomo, Galeria and other historic buildings around the square formed a wonderful backdrop to these brightly coloured objects floating in the foreground. Object is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, images of these balloons are my response to the prompt……………………the journey continues………….