Weekly Photo Challenge : Half and Half

The E12 route part of the International E road network is only about 900km long, yet it transverses a few countries along the way. Starting at Mo I Rana in Norway, it heads into and across Sweden and finishes up in Helsinki, Finland, with a ferry connection between Holmsund in Sweden and Vaasa in Finland. The route provides amazing views and vistas of what must be some few unspoilt wilderness areas in Europe. Lakes and Fjords with crystal clear waters provide perfect reflection pools for the beautiful surroundings. Half and Half is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of some of these perfect reflections are my response to the prompt.

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Half and Half

half and half-4
half and half-6
half and half-5
half and half-3
half and half-7
half and half-2
half and half


Travel Theme : Peaceful

Ailsa’s travel theme this week on (www.wheresmybackpack.com) is peaceful. Undoubtedly open to numerous interpretations, so its going to be interesting to see the responses. I live in the City, and my interpretation of peaceful, when it concerns a place, is more than likely to be in the countryside, or along the coast, perhaps in the mountains. I wonder if someone from the countryside, or from along the coast, or from within the mountains, would list the city as their preferred peaceful place..:-), Well, I guess that too is just another one of those interpretations.
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52 Photos Project : Crimson

This post is almost too late for this weeks Crimson prompt on Bella’s 52 Photos Project (www.52photosproject.com), but I guess on the other hand, its never too late :-). Some “crimson” images from a recent trip to Scandinavia.
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Fleeting

A dramatic sky in Northern Norway presented a fleeting moment when the clouds momentarily opened up and shaft of light beamed down onto the river. Fortunate enough to be driving past at the time, I took a moment to stop and shoot a few images. Two of them are my response to the “fleeting” prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge..
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fleeting moment
fleeting moment-2

Weekly Photo Challenge : The Sign says

“The sign says” is the prompt on the weekly photo challenge this week. Interesting how sometimes despite the sign being in a foreign language, one that you don’t understand, the message still seems to get across…here are some images of signs that I shot on a recent visit to Northern Sweden…
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signs-3 (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge : Colour

Colour is a prompt that has featured a few times previously on this blog, yet always provides new opportunities to post something different every time it returns. With that in mind, my post for this weeks “weekly photo challenge – Colour” is of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Something which was always at the top end of my “bucket list”, it moved even further up the list when on a previous visit to Sweden, I discovered that I was not far enough North to actually see them. Last year, I was fortunate enough to travel to Sweden once again, and this time made sure I was far enough North, into Swedish Lappland, beyond the Arctic Circle, to maximise the opportunity of being able to witness. Enhanced by a starry sky and reflections on a nearby lake, the “Northern Lights” did not disappoint, and made a spectacular “colour” appearance on more than one occasion. Certainly an experience that makes you feel extremely fortunate. The speed and intensity of change in the “lights” makes it very difficult to replicate, yet the images in this post attempt to convey what its like……………the journey continues………..

Travel Theme : Roads

Ailsa’s prompt for the travel theme on “where’s my backpack.com” this week is roads, which is probably going to attract some long and wide open interpretations :-).
My post has images of country roads, way up in Northern Sweden, en route from Stockholm to the Abisko National Park. Of course Autumn introduces a bit of colour too 🙂
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