52 Photos Project : Sugar

Coffee shops provided the perfect respite from the winter weather during a visit to Italy last year. Synonymous with Coffee shops is sugar, which happens to be Bella’s prompt on the 52 photos project this week (www.52photosproject.com). Some images of sugar dispensers from these Coffee shops are my response to the prompt…………..
……….the journey continues…………


52 Photos Project : Hearts

Just in time for Valentines Day :-), Bella’s prompt on the 52 Photos Project (www.52photosproject.com) this week is Hearts, “vintage heart” is the name of my image in response to the prompt :-)………….the journey continues……….
vintage heart

52 Photos Project : Polka Dots

Perhaps not exactly Polka Dots, but  🙂 at this close encounter with a guinea fowl at Kirstenbosch Gardens 🙂 Polk dots is Bella’s prompt this week on www.52photosproject.com . The journey continues………………

polka dot-6
polka dot
polka dot-5
polka dot-4
polka dot-3
polka dot-2

52 Photos Project : Starts with the letter “C”

It’s Canola season in the Western Cape, so its commonplace to come across large fields of yellow on the farms a short drive away from the City. Bella’s prompt this week on http://www.52photosproject.com is “starts with the letter C”, so these images of the Canola fields are my response to the prompt.
………the journey continues……….

starts with a C-6
starts with a C-7
starts with a C-3
starts with a C-5
starts with a C
starts with a C-4
starts with a C-2

52 Photos Project : Stripes

Bella’s prompt for this week’s 52 photos project (www.52photosproject.com) is stripes. It kindof reminded me that the stripes on each individual zebra is unique, pretty amazing if you think about it, every single zebra has its own stripe pattern, like a large scale fingerprint. It’s not that obvious when they are viewed from further away, but when you’re close enough, and actually looking……. :-), the stripes speak for themselves.
…………..the journey continues…………

52 Photos Project : Crimson

This post is almost too late for this weeks Crimson prompt on Bella’s 52 Photos Project (www.52photosproject.com), but I guess on the other hand, its never too late :-). Some “crimson” images from a recent trip to Scandinavia.
………..the journey continues…………


52 Photos Project : Uncommon shapes

Bella’s prompt on this weeks 52 Photos Project (www.52photosproject.com) is uncommon shapes. Perhaps, not that uncommon, my post is about triangles, but I suppose slightly unconventional triangles. These are made of concrete, and are sort of a pyramid comprising a whole bunch of triangles, some two dimensional, others three dimensional, it depends how you look at them..:-). I guess this description will make more sense once you look at the images..:-). Nowadays there are many different versions of these concrete blocks, used to form an edge to coastal environments, like harbours, breakwaters etc. Here are some of my uncommon shapes, shot at Cape Town Harbour….
….the journey continues………


52 Photos Project : Waterdrops

Waterdrops is Bella’s prompt this week on the 52 photos project. (www.52photosproject.com). Not too long ago, I drove past some farmlands that were being irrigated with sprinklers. It was late afternoon, so the setting sun provided some backlighting to the waterdrops emerging from these sprinklers. These are some of my images..

……..the journey continues……….

water droplets-2
water droplets-4
water droplets-6
water droplets-3
water droplets
water droplets-5

52 Photos Project : Crop it

Crop it, is a prompt on Bella’s 52 Photos Project (www.52photosproject.com) this week, to post two versions of the same image, before and after. The possibilities are numerous, since each image can be cropped in so many different ways. Interestingly, the original uncropped image, is actually a crop from a scene that was selected by the photographer to start with. I’ve selected an image of some fishing boats at Lamberts Bay on the West Coast for my Crop it post………the journey continues……….

west coast boat

52 Photos Project : Street Art

Bella’s current prompt on the 52 Photo’s Project (www.52photosproject.com) is Street Art. My submission for this prompt is of “murals” on two cape town buildings…I guess the question is..”but is it art”…. 🙂
…….the journey continues………..

street art-2-2
street art-3
street art-2
street art