Marble panels in various shades of green adorn the Duomo di Firenze (Florence Duomo). Dating back to 1436, the Cathederal is one of three buildings on the UNESCO World Heritage site within the historic centre of Florence. The building is situated on Piazza del Duomo, reputed to be one of Italys largest Churches, and home to the largest brick dome ever constructed. Green is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and abstract images of the Duomo are my response to the prompt.

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It IS Easy Being Green!

Look Up

After a long climb of 463 steps, you finally arrive at a walkway that circles the base of the dome of the Duomo in Florence. From here you are able to get a better look up at the 3600 sq m Fresco that adorns the inside of the dome. Reputed to be amongst the largest paintings in the world, designed and frescoed initially by Giorgio Vasari in the late 1500’s this representation of a large scene of the Last Judgement was later completed by Frederico Zuccari.

Look Up is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images looking up at the frescoes on the dome of Florence’s Duomo are my response to the prompt.

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Look Up

look up
look up-4
look up-7
look up-6
look up-5
look up-3
look up-2

Weekly Photo Challenge : Monument

Perhaps better described as a Cathedral than a Monument, Florence’s Duomo located in the Centre of the City is indeed a monumental building. Building of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore commenced in 1296 and structurally completed in 1436. The 114.5 m high dome designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, is reputed to be the largest masonry dome in the world. Visible from almost everywhere in the City, the building has an imposing presence on Florence’s skyline. I had an opportunity last year, to climb up between the inner and outer dome, camera in hand, to a viewpoint which provides a wonderful overview of the City below. Monument is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of and from the Duomo are my response to the prompt….
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Threes

“Threes” is a prompt to use three pictures to tell a story on the weekly photo challenge this week.
Piazza Santa Croce in Florence is the scene of my three picture response, a busy square in he heart of the City, with a little cubicle in one corner where a puppet show complete with background music plays out everytime a crowd gathers in front of it. Both young and old are attracted once it gets going, with the younger ones becoming completely absorbed, almost drawn into the scene. So my three images are of the square with the little kiosk in one corner, an two others in front of and behind the scene………….. the journey continues………..


Weekly Photo Challenge : Treasure

Ponte Vecchio (“Old bridge”) the medieval stone spandrel bridge segmented arch bridge in Florence, is one of the more famous treasures of this City. With a long tradition of shopkeepers trading along it ranging from butchers at one stage to present day jewellers, art dealers and souvenir shops. Today, Tourists and locals are able to part with some of their hard earned cash and acquire some glittering treasures of their own at these lavishly decorated shops, that are revealed only once the protective wooden shutters are removed at the start of the business day. Treasure is this weeks prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of the Ponte Vecchio and some stores along it are my response to the prompt…………the journey continues……..