Weekly Photo Challenge : Fray

Fishing trawlers at Veldrift harbour. With rusty steel loops and frayed ropes used in the fishing operations, hanging over the side of the boat.
Fray is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week………………..
…………..the journey continues………………………..


hide and seek……………..

Last weeks’ photo challenge – hidden, reminded me of a recent visit to the West Coast National Park, about and hours drive from Cape Town.
The area is home to many plant and bird species. I happened to be spending the weekend there with some friends. Naturally, the camera came along. Our lodging were alongside a lagoon which presented wonderful shooting opporunities.
As it turned out, we went for walk in the reserve, and on our way back nooticed something moving in a tree that was close by. On closer inspection we discovered that it was a Cape Eagle Owl, well camouflaged in the foliage of the tree. He (well lets assume he was male :-)) was perched pretty high up, so was not really unsettled by us approaching. He did try and move to a slightly better position for keeping an eye on us. He looked in very good condition, so didnt appear to be stranded because of injury or something. So here we were checking one another out, him peering around branches to get a good glimpse of me, and me moving around trying to get a clear shooting opportunity. I managed to get a few shots of him before he decided that he was just going to move deeper into the tree where it was no longer possible to see him too clearly, so I guess we were playing a little game of hide and seek, very appropriate considering last weeks challenge topic ūüôā – hidden- ……..the journey continues……………

Weekly Photo Challenge : Flowers

This challenge is perfectly timed for the commencement of Spring on 1 September in the Southern Hemisphere, and with that no doubt the emergence of flowers. The West Coast has long been a place where people visit at the beginning of Spring to witness the wonderful flowers that magically emerge at this time. Flowers from across the colour spectrum blossoming in their thousands, perfectly orientated towards the sun, in unison, almost by remote control.

The West Coast National Park,  about an hours drive from Cape Town. is one of the South African National Parks, which has a wonderful Lagoon, a coastline with huge waves thundering in, various types of Antelope, and a vast array of flowers which are at their very best at the commencement of spring.
Postberg is a private section of the West Coast National Park, which is opened to the public between the months of August and October, specifically so that they can visit the area to look at the Spring Flowers. The Park has a lot of flowers too, but the Postberg section has vast open spaces that are literally carpeted with these wonderful flowers, red ones, white ones, yellow ones, pink ones and every other conceivable colour all laid out like a tapestry for visitors to the park to enjoy. To add to the splendour the Postberg section is also home to a large number of Antelope, like Blesbok, Zebra, Eland, Springbok and Gemsbok to name a few. They can be seen on the slopes grazing amongst the colourful flowers.

I had an opportunity to visit the Postberg section, last year, while the flowers were in bloom. Todays images are of the flowers I saw while I was there………..The journey continues……………………………..