Shortly after sunset, the area around the Hvalsnes Church on the Reyknajes Peninsula in Iceland was deserted, with a sense of calm and Silence


When doing research for a trip to Northern Portugal, I looked at a few travel guides for an overview of what the weather was like in December and January. Sure it was Winter, in the North at that time, but Portugal is still a little further South than the Countries that experience seriously cold winters. I glanced over the rainfall stats, not expecting all 14 days of expected rain over the period to happen consecutively over the 10 days I was there :-):-), resulting in a rather rainy Season 🙂 . But, I tried to look on the bright side and took some pictures of the reflections after the rain  🙂 🙂 .

Season is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of my Rainy Season trip are my response to the prompt…

…………the journey continues…….


Weekly Photo Challenge : Winter

Perhaps regular readers of my blog may have noticed that it has been rather quiet on this blog recently. I suppose apologies are in order, I’ve been away, working on the journey , you could say :-). Yep! many people in the southern hemisphere take their annual holidays during summer, so its all mixed up with New year and Xmas. I trust everybody had a wonderful festive season and a peaceful transition into the New Year. Best wishes to all regular and not so regaulr visitors to this blog for the year ahead, may it be a rewarding and peaceful one :-).
So, it must be rather strange for those in the Northern hemisphere who probably have summer holidays in June. So the Weekly Photo Challenge topic for last week is about six months too early or too late for us :-).
As it turned out, I happened to be spending my summer holiday, yes, you read right, in the European winter :-). We dont get to see much, in fact any snow out this way, whatever the season, so we head north during our Summer 🙂 to try and catch some there :-). Unfortunately, hmmm….or was it fortunately 🙂 this was an unusually warm winter in Europe, wet, but not too cold, so not much snow about. I was fortunate enough to travel through switzerland, so got to see lots of snow, though most of it whizzing by while on a train. There was a short while in a town called Brig, where I was changing trains, that I was in the middle of a snow storm you could say. Everything was covered with snow, roads, rail tracks, everything, and there was lots of it falling at the same time. Wonderful sight and atmosphere. So, I decided to post some images of my stopover in Brig Switzerland as my images for this weeks challenge.
………………….The journey continues……………………

spring breaking out………………

Those of you that have read some of my previous posts may remember the post about always taking the camera with, and how you actually see so much more when you do. Of course, each one of us, sees different things, and what appeals to one may not appeal to the next, but I guess the point I was making is that shooting opportunities just seem to present themselves in all sorts of circumstances.

This happened to me a few days ago, I had to meet some officials on a building site, not too far from the City. As the traffic is unpredictable, I left a little earlier and reached the destination before the person I was meeting arrived. Yes, I did have my camera, with me, so I walked around looking for opportunities to shoot. I momentarily looked up, and noticed the trees against the cloudy blue sky. What was pretty significant was that the trees were completely barren, almost skeleton like, except for what appeared to be some new leaves that were just emerging. The coming of spring is kindof accepted as being the 1st of September in these parts, so I momentarily wondered if this was Spring breaking out :-). We’ve had an unusually mild winter thus far, so was this a sign that spring was here?

Well, my ignorance around birds and trees has been mentioned here before :-), so I couldnt provide an educated answer :-), nevertheless, what I saw appealed to me, and these are some of the resulting images

It wasnt long after that the person I was meeting arrived, and it was business as usual …..:-)   ………………the journey continues……………….