Weekly Photo Challenge : Vivid

With its 5 seaside villages each with colourful houses and ancient vineyards clinging on to steep terraces, and overlooking quaint harbours with colourful fishing boats Cinque Terre in Italy is indeed a Tourist hotspot in Summer. Surprisingly, this colourful atmosphere is not lost in the cold and wet winter months. Vivid is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of colourful houses and boats at Manarola and Vernazza are my response to the prompt.

…………….the journey continues………..


Weekly Photo Challenge : Silhouette

Durban’s South Beach at sunrise provides the perfect backdrop for silhouettes of surfers and paddleskiers taking to the water despite cooler winter temperatures. Silhouettes is the prompt on the weekly photo challenge this week.
…………the journey continues………….


Skywatch Friday : Sea Point Promenade

The Clouds at Sunset along the Sea Point Promenade are my submissions for this week’s Skywatch Friday ( http://www.skyley.blogspot.com) “A place to enjoy skies and views from all around the globe” ………….the journey continues…..

skywatch friday
skywatch friday-5
skywatch friday-2
skywatch friday-3
skywatch friday-6

Weekly Photo Challenge : Good Morning!

Sunrise at Suiderstrand, a stones throw away from Agulhas, the Southernmost point of the African Continent. Imagine being the only person out there, with the entire African continent North of you, nothing but Ocean until Antarctica:-) South of you. Makes for a pretty Good Morning!! I was out there recently, camera in hand, so I’m posting these images in response to the Good Morning! Prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week……………..the journey continues……………..

good morning-6
good morning-2
good morning-3
good morning
good morning-4
good morning-5

Weekly Photo Challenge : Sea

Muizenberg Beach, south of Cape Town, favourite hangout spot for surfers, where the beach goes out a long way, and the sea just seems to unrelentlessly roll out gentle waves…which appear to be absolutely perfect for the all the first time surfers, though somehow provide enough of a challenge for experienced surfers too. The long beach provides a perfect platform to complement dramatic skies, especially at sunrise, c. Sea is the prompt this week on the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of this dynamic environment are my response to this weeks prompt …….the journey continues……..


Weekly Photo Challenge : One shot, two ways

Landscape or Portrait? is my preference of looking at this weeks prompt on the weekly photo challenge – One shot, two ways. I suppose, it could be night and day, or monochrome and colour, or something else?? just depends how you choose to interpret it………….the journey continues……….
one shot, two ways
one shot, two ways-2

Travel Theme : Ripples

Constantly changing ripple patterns on white sandy dunes surround by blue sky and ocean, altered by wind and accentuated by light and shadows, at De Hoop, a short drive from Cape Town, are my response to the “ripples” prompt on Ailsa’s Travel Theme (www.wheresmybackpack.com)……..the journey continues……….


Weekly Photo Challenge : Escape

Sea Point Promenade along the Atlantic Seaboard is where many City folk head to after a busy day, or over the weekend to “escape” the buzz of the city. A gentle meander hugging the coastline, walkers, joggers, cyclists, rollerbladers, young and old come together to enjoy the tranquillity and sea air. This tranquillity can sometimes be negatively influenced by weather, either strong winds or high seas change the space dramatically. I was there recently, during high seas, camera in hand, and watched curious onlookers make a hasty “escape” as the waves crashed onto the sea wall. These images are my response to the weekly photo challenge’s “escape” prompt……….the journey continues……..


Weekly Photo Challenge : Dreaming

Interesting Challenge this week, Dreaming….with the prompt to share images that make you dream. I have previously posted about Muizenberg Beach, a wide expanse of Beach with gentle waves just casually rolling to the shore. An absolute surfers paradise, resulting in it being quite busy most of the time, with surfers of all ages taking to the water, parents with children playing about at the waters edge, families out picknicking, people out walking their dogs, others just out for a jog or stroll, taking in the scenery etc. Doesn’t exactly sound like a place that conjures up images of dreaming, unless of course you’re a hard core surfer :-):-). Well, I’ve been out there around sunrise, and on some occasions, you can be lucky to get there before the sunrise surfers arrive, and the place is really “dreamy”.. :-), completely isolated, calm, and serene ..perhaps it just feels like that because everybody else is warmly tucked up in bed ..dreaming..:-). Seriously though, this large expanse of beach with the gentle rolling waves, and the soft morning light, with its soft puffy clouds, reflected in the moist sand has very much a “dream’ like appearance.

My images for this weeks “dreaming” challenge, is from one of these sunrise visits………. the journey continues……………..

Weekly Photo Challenge : Summer

This weeks Photo Challenge topic – Summer, is a bit of a contradiction for me, seeing that here, in the Southern hemisphere, we are in the midst of Winter. Nevertheless, I warmed to the idea :-), difficult not to, when the topic conjures up images of sun, sand, beach, holiday, fun, long days etc…etc. 🙂

Muizenberg Beach, about 25 minutes from Cape Town City Centre, is probably one of our many premier “summer” beaches. An incredibly long beach with gentle waves lazily making their way to the shore. No wonder it is one of the most popular surfing beaches in the region. Surfers young and old, from all genres, if there is such a thing in surfing vocabulary…..sporting, surfboards, longboards, body boards, paddle boards..I think (*the ones you stand on and paddle) and various other surf flotation device, make their way to this beach to make most of the “surfing” friendly conditions. They arrive as early as sunrise, some on their own, some couples, others with parents, or children for that matter, with a few friends, and even in a group of learners with a teacher in tow. “Summer”, is obviously when it is most busy, but even the coldest winters are not cold enough to keep purists away ..

I on the other hand was just an observer, with camera in hand. I got there at sunrise earlier this year, and watched  the activity unfurl…………how as the sun broke through the horizon, the activity on the beach increased, and in a short time the beach was a hive of activity, with surfers, swimmers, walkers, joggers, lovers, picnickers, strollers etc all making the most of the “summer” day on this popular beach.

Todays images are some of those that I captured while taking all of this in………………the journey continues……………………