Glimpses of Cape Town’ s 2017 “Infecting the City” Public Arts Festival

Now in its 10th year, the 2017 “Infecting the Arts” Festival made an appearance at Public Spaces of Cape Town last week. This multi disciplinary Festival of Public Art integrates within communal spaces of the CBD of the City of Cape Town. In a collaboration between the Africa Centre and the Institute of Creative Arts, this initiative in 2017 provides a platform for artists and art forms opportunities to occupy City Spaces and ignite expressions of Freedom. The exciting 4 day programme ended on Saturday. I was fortunate to witness two of the performances an Acrobatic sequence by Joan Catala Caprasio from Barcleona, Spain, who engaged with the audience and kept us captivated throughout the sequence. The second, a fast paced, energetic and superbly executed dance routine by a group of dancers from the Indoni Dance Arts and Leadership Academy. These are some of my glimpses of the performances I witnessed.

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Like Ballet Dancers arriving on stage for a performance these Ostriches on a farm near Caledon ran towards me as I got out of my car alongside the fence. As they got closer the moving heads of so many birds with backlighting, in close proximity could easily have been a well choreographed Dance 🙂

Dance is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week and images of the Ostriches are my response to the prompt…..

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Glimpses of Cape Town’ s “Infecting the City” Public Arts Festival

“Infecting The City” is an annually held Public Arts Festival in the City Centre of Cape Town. This year 40 distinct artworks, unfolded over the duration of Festival week. The Programme which ran through the day and into the evening consisted of performances of dance, music, drama, art installations etc. All performances were free and open to the Public. Many of the performances were designed as routes weaving through the City’s streets, so spectators could literally follow the procession from one performance to the next. These are some of my glimpses of this years festival.

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Travel Theme : Dance

With performances, exhibitions and installations throughout Public spaces in the City, “infecting the city” seeks to create interconnectedness through artistic expression. Now in its sixth year, the free annual innovative fiesta boasted 54 local and international creatives, provided a rare opportunity for the man in the street to be inspired by provocative and original performance art.
Orobroy Stop was one of the dance performances, I watched, camera in hand.. 🙂 Orobroy means “thought” in the language of the Gypsy people who created the origins of Flamenco. In an inventive intercultural reconstruction of Flamenco, deep emotions, notions of identity, gender and conflicting experiences are explored in a visceral manner in this provocative work.
Dance is the prompt for this weeks Travel theme on ,  some of my images of “Orobroy” are my submission for this prompt…….
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52 Photos Project : Harmony

The EOAN Group was founded by Helen Southern-Holt in District Six, Cape Town, South Africa in 1933. After the destruction of District Six, during the Apartheid years, the Group moved to their new premises in Athlone, now known as the Joseph Stone Theatre. The Eoan Group-School of Performing Arts is where the youth of different areas get together to learn various forms of performing arts. Tuition is offered in ballet, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, music and drama. I had an opportunity to photograph some of the students during this tuition.
Bella’s prompt on this weeks’ 52 Photos Project ( is Harmony, so my post has images from my visits to the rehersals….the journey continues……….

harmony 1-5

harmony 1-3
harmony 5-2
harmony 1-2harmony 1-4
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