Weekly Photo Challenge : Home

“Home” is the prompt for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week. I guess a prompt thats going to attarct many different interpretations. My interpretation of “Home” this week is about a flower I photographed in the Addo National Park. Clearly, completely at “home”, the the bee seemed to be having a great time, feeding on and hovering over the flower……….the journey continues………………


52 Photos Project : Morning : Evening

Mornings and Evenings, the beginning and end of each day, kindof the two extremes, one getting brighter as time moves on and the other getting darker.
So when I saw Bella’s prompt “Morning : Evening” on the 52 Photos Project this week (www.52photosproject.com) it kindof prompted me to post about North and South in a similar way, so morning in Northern Sweden and Evening in South Africa (outer extremes of Europe and Africa). I suppose it should be sunrise and sunset in this case. While very similar in my opinion, because of the changing light, I still prefer sunset, the light seems to hang around a lot longer :-), whilst at sunrise, it just seems to speed up on you somehow :-). Bjuroklub in Northern Sweden is a beach that is literally rising out of the sea over time, east facing, it was a perfect location for the sunrise, and west facing Sea Point Promenade in Cape Town is a pedestrain friendly promenade that hugs the Atlantic coastline, provided the perfcet setting for Sunset. Images of these locations are my submission for this weeks prompt……………….the journey continues…………
morning evening
morning evening-2
morning evening-3
morning evening-3-0-1
morning evening-3-1
morning evening-3-2
morning evening-5
morning evening-4

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge prompt is “Reflections”, I suppose a topic thats going to attract numerous interpretations. My post is about reflections in water. While driving between Almo and Kolback in Northern Sweden, I came across what appeared to be a lake, perfectly calm water, with a mirror like surface…every little detail reflected perfectly in the water. Every now and then there was a gentle breeze that just displaced the water a little, adding and interesting twist to the reflection.. :-). Amongst the images I took, were a few images of just the reflections, which when they were rotated look rather interesting 🙂 …………the journey continues…


52 Photos Project : The Skies above

The Skies above, Bellas prompt for this week on the 52 photos project www.52photosproject.com initially made me think about the various photos I had taken with vast amounts of sky, but it also brought to mind instances where the sky was not necessarily only above, but below too!!! For me, Skies reflected on water, somehow add another interesting dimension to what may already be an amazing “skies above” image. So when the opportunity arises to include a reflected sky, I always reach for my camera 🙂 :-). Here are the result of some of those opportunities..:-)…………….the journey continues…………………..

skies above
skies above-2
skies above-3
skies above-4
skies above-5
skies above-6

Travel Theme : Liquid

Ailsa’s travel theme prompt on www.wheresmybackpack.com for this week is Liquid, which immediately made me think about the Abiskojakka – a river that skirts the Kungsleden trail near the Abisko National Park in Northern Sweden. Placid in some places with crystal clear water gently working its way down, and picking up momentum where the river narrows, or becomes a bit steeper, almost becoming fast moving rapids in other areas. I stopped for a moment to have a drink, of this perfectly cool, crystal clear “liquid”, and seeing that I had my camera with, was able to capture some of the atmosphere………….these are some of those moments…………..the journey continues…….

Travel Theme : Mystical

Travelling more than 10 000km to get somewhere makes it quite a big deal when you finally get there………..nevertheless there are always smaller milestones along the way. I was recently travelling in Northern Scandinavia and had an opportunity to cross the Artic circle. Obviously, quite a milestone when you’re travelling there from wayyy down South :-). So, I guess there is an expectation of a huge fanfare, with flashing lights, marching bands, throngs of people, touristy shops, alarms going off etc :-):-). The reality though is that it is very different, or maybe it was just like that when I was there.

From the simple sign declaring “welcome to the Arctic circle, to the deserted parking area and accompanying buildings, it was very different to what I had imagined. But, when you get closer and vist the site of the imaginary axis, the place has a very mystical quality, coupled with the shallow angle of the setting sun, snow on the nearby slopes, the rapidly falling temperatures, and evidence that many had been there before me, just gave it that mystical feeling. Hundreds of little pyramids of rocks and stones, carefully assembled by other visitors over who knows how long, spread across the undulating landscape, some more elaborate decorated with flags confirming that they had been there, making their mark.

Ailsas weekly travel theme on www.wheresmybackpack.com this week is mystical, providing a perfect prompt for my post about the Arctic circle…attached are some of the images of my visit there………………….the journey continues………….

Weekly Photo Challenge : Geometry

With a seating capacity of 61000 and a hefty price tag of R 4.4 billion Cape Town’s iconic 2010 FIFA World Cup Stadium was host to many from all over the world during the event. Unfortunately, not as well utilised these days, despite having the seating reduced to 55000, it still retains its appeal and dominance on the Cape Town landscape. Surrounded by the very popular urban park, the Stadium enjoys high visibility, and is probably one of the more frequently photographed buildings in the City.

I was out on Lions Head ( a hill overlooking the stadium and the city) around sunrise recently, camera in hand, to shoot at sunrise. This weeks photo challenge is “geometry”, which is very appropraite for this building, I’ve attached some of these images as my submission for this challenge…………

the journey continues……………..


52 Photos Project : On the Table

Thought I had to get this “on the table” 🙂 in response to Bellas prompt on ttp://www.52photosproject.com/ I happened to walk into a shop in the town of Darling not too far from Cape Town and noticed this cat very comfortably relaxed inside this “box on the table”. I took a closer look at the box and noticed that it was what was left of a box of “Brutal Fruit”, the little tag line below the label read ” fruit cocktail with a flirt of alcohol”…:-) wonder if that had anything to do with the 40 winks :-)………….

the journey continues………………….

52 Photos Project : Golden

This week on http://www.52photosproject.com/ , Bellas prompt is golden, “Capture Golden, however you interpret it”, was the request……… so I’ve used a bit of artistic licence to represent these “golden oldies” from the “car graveyard” of an antique car museum. Well beyond their prime, and having lost their shiny paint and chrome finishes, for me, they still seem to retain much of the dignity and opulence of their yesteryears. The rusting metalwork somehow appears as their new “golden” glow……………….the journey continues………

Weekly Photo Challenge : Silhouette

It’s been a while since I last posted to the weekly photo challenge, and i’ve been wanting to do so for a while, so I figured a topic like Silhouette is perfect to make a comeback :-).

Often images with silhouettes are taken at sunset, though the images I am posting were taken at sunrise. Bjuroklubb in Northern Sweden.  Bjuröklubb is a nature reserve of national interest, managed by the National Environment Protection Board. Here you will find flat rocks, rubble stone beaches, sand dunes, walking paths, ancient relics and rock carvings. The costal area is characterised by sandbars and reefs that have caused many wrecks over the centuries, at the same time as Bjuröklubb has been a safe harbour.

I was out there one morning recently, camera in hand, to take some shots at sunrise shots.Some of these images are my submission for this weeks Silhouette challenge.

………….the journey continues………… Recently I also posted some other silhouette images here https://4otomo.wordpress.com/2012/08/27/travel-theme-silhouette/