Weekly Post Challenge : Waiting

It’s the feastive season, so I figured it would be appropriate to try and do a post that would be relevant in terms of the “season”. We are heading into the end of the year after all. So for this weeks weekly photo challenge the blog returns to the end of last year, in fact the beginning of this year. The Cape Town Minstrels make their appearnce throughout the year at special events, though one event where they are definitely always present at is the New Years eve parade through the streets of Cape Town. I’ve posted about this previously, so those familiar with this blog may remember it. The New Years eve parade is followed by the New Years day parade, and once again on the 2nd of January. Thousands of people line the streets of the city on each of these occasions to witness the teams strutt their stuff.
I was out there this year taking some shots. The procession consists of numerous teams, and each of these has routine of song and dance, so the process of moving along the route can take some time. Once a team has performed in front of a section of the crowd, they move on and the next squad takes their spot and goes through their routine.
It doesnt take very long for these changeovers between teams, to become a bit time consuming, resulting in teams having to wait for one another to finish their routines before moving forward.
I took the opportunity to take a few shots of youngsters within some of the teams while they were “waiting” for the procession to move forward so that they could move into position and do their own routine.

Todays images are some of those moments…………..the journey continues …………………

Weekly Photo Challenge : Breakfast

Another great challenge, with probably numerous interpretations from every person, each as diverse as the next, with some undoubtedly original ones :-). For me, there are a few standard run of the mill options, though those dont get to be photographed. 🙂 just eaten :-). However, a memorable one I did photograph was while on a working trip in Tanzania, not too long ago, fresh fruit, served exactly as it came out of its skin, yummy 🙂 no toppings or coatings 🙂 just as nature intended 🙂 ……………………..the journey continues ……………………… 


Weekly Photo Challenge : Wonder

Coincidences all over the place 🙂 I smiled to my self when I saw the topic of Todays Photo Challenge : Wonder. Today happens to be 11/11/2011 and at 11.11am today the announcement of the New Seven Wonders of Nature was to be made. From what I’ve read, the announcement did not happen exactly then, but it did later, and Capetonians as well as South Africans will be proud to know that Table Mountain made it on to the list of Seven.

Earlier this year, to be more precise on 10 June 2011, I did a post asking people to vote for our Mountain, https://4otomo.wordpress.com/2011/06/20/vote-for-table-mountain/ . Who knows perhaps it was one of those votes that swung it in Table mountains favour.

So this post is to say yoopeedoo!! we made it, and a special thank you to all of those who responded to my request to vote.
Here are some images of and from the Mountain that so deserves to be on that list…….

………..the journey continues…………..

Windows on Berlin

Those of you that have seen my Photo Challenge post for this week, will have already been transported to Malmo in Sweden, the location of that post. So, I figured that maybe it would be a good idea to head just a little south for a follow up post. Not too far South, just as far as Germany, to the city of Berlin. Also another conventional response, but a rather appropriate one, in my opinion.

The Reichstag building dates back to the late 1800’s. the building was victim to a fire in 1933 and was even subjected to bombardment during the World War.
But, that was then, time has moved on and the building was extensively restored in 1999, after which it became the official home of the Bundestag. The restoration was designed by Norman Foster.

The restoration included the introduction of a huge glazed circular dome at the top of the building, affording 360 degree views of the City of Berlin. The main hall of Parliament can be seen from the dome. The design of the dome included strategic placement of mirrors and glazing to allow radiation of natural light onto the parliament floor. An electronically operated solar shielding louvre rotates around the dome as it tracks the sun to prevent direct sunlight from being reflected into the main hall. The dome is accessible to the Public by arrangement. Two ramps that overlap one another provide access to the upper level of the dome, offering wonderful views of the City. If you look closely at the images of the ramps, you will notice that the one has people going up, while the other has them coming down the ramp.

I had the opportunity to visit the building a few years ago, fortunately, with camera in hand. When I saw the Photo Challenge topic I was reminded of these rather unique “windows”, because they work “both” ways, by offering views out of the building into Berlin, and are transparent enough to look into the building, especially at night when the illuminated dome above the building becomes visible………….the journey continues……..

Weekly Photo Challenge : Windows

Photo Challenge once again, and an extremely versatile topic once more, open to interpretation of all sorts. I’ve opted for the more conventional approach this week, so will stay with the obvious or maybe not so obvious 🙂 interpretation, which is windows, windows in buildings :-). But seeing that its conventional in the interpretation, I figured it needed something else too :-). So, fasten your seatbelts, make yourselves comfortable, we’re heading off to the city of Malmo in Sweden, or Scandinavia if you prefer a more wide angled view. Malmo is a city that is connected to Copenhagen in Denmark by the Oresund Bridge, which happens to be the longest rail and road bridge in Europe.
Coincidentally, the building that this post refers to is the highest skyscraper in Sweden and the Nordic countries. Turning Torso is a building designed by Spanish Engineer/ Architect Santiago Calatrava. 54 stories in height, comprising nine 5 storey pentagon segments, each twisting clockwise around a vertical core as the building rises 190m with a full 90 deg twist between the bottom and top floors. Essentially a multi use building with offices on the lower two segments and apratments in the rest.
Unfortunately, my wide angle lens was not wide enough to capture the entire building in one shot, though it is pretty close :-). The windows foloow the same rhythm on each of these nine segments creating an amazing graphic on the twisting building.
I visited the site a few years ago, and my submission today is some of the images I shot at the time……………the journey continues…………….

hide and seek……………..

Last weeks’ photo challenge – hidden, reminded me of a recent visit to the West Coast National Park, about and hours drive from Cape Town.
The area is home to many plant and bird species. I happened to be spending the weekend there with some friends. Naturally, the camera came along. Our lodging were alongside a lagoon which presented wonderful shooting opporunities.
As it turned out, we went for walk in the reserve, and on our way back nooticed something moving in a tree that was close by. On closer inspection we discovered that it was a Cape Eagle Owl, well camouflaged in the foliage of the tree. He (well lets assume he was male :-)) was perched pretty high up, so was not really unsettled by us approaching. He did try and move to a slightly better position for keeping an eye on us. He looked in very good condition, so didnt appear to be stranded because of injury or something. So here we were checking one another out, him peering around branches to get a good glimpse of me, and me moving around trying to get a clear shooting opportunity. I managed to get a few shots of him before he decided that he was just going to move deeper into the tree where it was no longer possible to see him too clearly, so I guess we were playing a little game of hide and seek, very appropriate considering last weeks challenge topic 🙂 – hidden- ……..the journey continues……………

Weekly Photo Challenge : Hidden

Weekly Photo Challenge time again 🙂 I’m a bit slow out of the blocks this week, but the old adge holds true, better late than never!! I received the mail with this weeks topic quite late on Friday, so I have a small excuse for a later post. 

I was walking on the Promenade alongside the sea yesterday evening as the sun was starting to set. Thee have been a few previous posts that have featured this location, perfect for watching sunsets with its west facing orientation. The weather had been a bit iffy for the whole day, with short bursts of rain, overcast skies at times, and bright sunshine with blus skies at others. As the sun slowly descended into the horizon, there was a huge cloud bank in front of it. And at that moment I remembered the topic for the challenge, “hidden”. And in this instance the sun was literally hidden by the clouds. Very appropriate for the challenge, and seeing that I had the camera, I took some shots. Difficult lighting, between the bright silver lining of the clouds, and the dark sea, but on the other hand, it just added to the drama of the scene. The scene was enhanced by the silhouettes created by the people in the foreground, adding shadows and scale. A pool of water left over from the rain, provided a perfect surface for reflections. As the sun descended further into the horizon, the glow behind the clouds turned to a fiery red, which looked like glowing coals on the surface of the water. …………..the journey continues…………….

Todays images are some of the shots that I captured………………..