Shortly after sunset, the area around the Hvalsnes Church on the Reyknajes Peninsula in Iceland was deserted, with a sense of calm and Silence

Weekly Photo Challenge : From Above

When I saw that this weeks prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge was “from above”, it immediately reminded me of some images I had taken of a red Ferrari from the balcony of a building I once visited, proving once again, that its always a good thing to remember to take the camera with……………… 🙂

……………….the journey continues…………….


Travel Theme : Dance

With performances, exhibitions and installations throughout Public spaces in the City, “infecting the city” seeks to create interconnectedness through artistic expression. Now in its sixth year, the free annual innovative fiesta boasted 54 local and international creatives, provided a rare opportunity for the man in the street to be inspired by provocative and original performance art.
Orobroy Stop was one of the dance performances, I watched, camera in hand.. 🙂 Orobroy means “thought” in the language of the Gypsy people who created the origins of Flamenco. In an inventive intercultural reconstruction of Flamenco, deep emotions, notions of identity, gender and conflicting experiences are explored in a visceral manner in this provocative work.
Dance is the prompt for this weeks Travel theme on ,  some of my images of “Orobroy” are my submission for this prompt…….
………the journey continues……….

Weekly Photo Challenge : UP

The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company has been transporting people to the top of Table Mountain for 80years.
In this time over 20 million people have travelled “up” to the top of the mountain, from the base station which is at 363m above sea level to the station at the top of the mountain which is at 1067m above sea level, travelling a total height of 704m. Initially only carrying 19 passengers, the current version of the Cablecar carries 65.
Perfectly appropriate for this weeks ‘Up” weekly photo challenge, these are some of the images taken on a hike that essentially traverses the area immediately below the travel path of the cable cars……….. the journey continues…………..


Weekly Photo Challenge : Colour

Colour is a prompt that has featured a few times previously on this blog, yet always provides new opportunities to post something different every time it returns. With that in mind, my post for this weeks “weekly photo challenge – Colour” is of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Something which was always at the top end of my “bucket list”, it moved even further up the list when on a previous visit to Sweden, I discovered that I was not far enough North to actually see them. Last year, I was fortunate enough to travel to Sweden once again, and this time made sure I was far enough North, into Swedish Lappland, beyond the Arctic Circle, to maximise the opportunity of being able to witness. Enhanced by a starry sky and reflections on a nearby lake, the “Northern Lights” did not disappoint, and made a spectacular “colour” appearance on more than one occasion. Certainly an experience that makes you feel extremely fortunate. The speed and intensity of change in the “lights” makes it very difficult to replicate, yet the images in this post attempt to convey what its like……………the journey continues………..

Weekly Photo Challenge : Future Tense

This weeks prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge “Future Tense” says “grab an image from your world that holds the promise or portent of the future”. It also describes the image as one which has “anything that involves the present and a hint of the future all in one frame”. Indeed a challenge, and clearly a prompt to ponder.

In 1970 Africa’s population of Black Rhinos was 65 000. Within twenty years rampant poaching reduced  this number to just 3400, and this number is still plummeting. There is a huge drive to create awareness, anti poaching programmes etc that are hopefully creating some impact, but the reality is that the poaching hasn’t stopped. Declining numbers of Rhinos could mean a future where this animal becomes extinct.

Visit .( ( for more information.

My images for this post are of Rhino’s at the Hluluwe National Park, in Kwazulu Natal, that could in the future be reaching the end of the road as a species, if this senseless poaching for their horns is not contained……………….the journey continues…………

future tense
future tense-2
future tense-3

52 Photos Project : Horizon

I stumbled upon this description of “horizon” in a book on perspective some time ago…
“Suppose you looked at the flattest longest starightest road you could find, and that you held up a pencil in front of yur face, level with your eyes, you would see that the pencil covered up the distant horizon, from which you can conclude that the horizon coincides with your eye level.So if you were at the sea, a tall person would see more water up to the horizon than a short person or child would, however a child would see more than the adult if he was hoisted onto the aduts shoulders.If you walked up a cliff or mountain, you would see more than ever”..
Bella’s prompt on the 52 Photos project ( this week is “horizon”, so I’m posting images of the horizon at the sea and from the top of Table Mountain, obviously, both sets from my eye level 🙂 ……..the journey continues……………..

Weekly Photo Challenge : Forward

Muizenberg Beach – half an hours drive from the centre of Cpae Town, probably one of the most popular surfing beaches in the region. Weekends are when most surfers arrive, ranging from novices to experts, all clad in wetsuits, clutching some variation of a surfing device, be it a long board, surf board, paddle board, wave board, believe me, you’ll see them all here. Some of them arrive as early as dawn to catch the early wave, others arrive at their leisure, one things for sure everybody seems to be moving forward in some sort of way, even if its only standing on the baord heading towards the shore…:-). So my post responding to the “Forward” prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge has images of some of these “forward” moving surfers
…………..the journey continues…..


Weekly Photo Challenge : Home

“Home” is the prompt for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week. I guess a prompt thats going to attarct many different interpretations. My interpretation of “Home” this week is about a flower I photographed in the Addo National Park. Clearly, completely at “home”, the the bee seemed to be having a great time, feeding on and hovering over the flower……….the journey continues………………