Built in 1886 the Dom Luis I bridge, spanning approx. 400 metres across the Duoro river in Porto, conveying light rail, general traffic and pedestrians over two levels appears to be way ahead of it’s time. Both decks are suspended by a central arch of 173m in diameter. Originally used as a toll bridge, which changed in 1944, when the bridge was incorporated into the City infrastructure.

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The 45m high Ponte Dom Luis (Bridge) in Porto, spanning across the Duoro River provides the perfect vantage point for an overview of the Ribeira District along the waters edge. With numerous Cafe’s and restaurants lining the riverside district, the area attracts tourists and locals alike. The low sun angle in the late afternoon creates larger than life shadows of people walking on the timber access ramp from the quayside to the road level. Shadow is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of these shadows are my response to the prompt.

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State of Mind

I’ve often written about travelling to Europe during Winter, and the more often than not inclement weather. Grey skies, cold, rain etc on a constant basis can have a damping effect on your state of mind. So when I saw the “state of mind prompt” prompt for the weekly photo challenge this week, I looked at a selection of my images from my recent “winter” trip to Portugal. Images that were taken during or after particularly inclement weather, always seemed to have bright coloured elements in the image, perhaps my subconscious or maybe even conscious way of colouring up that dampened state of mind :-). Some of these images are my response to this weeks prompt.

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State of Mind
state of mind-3
state of mind-5
state of mind-4
state of mind-6

state of mind-2
state of mind-7state of mind


When doing research for a trip to Northern Portugal, I looked at a few travel guides for an overview of what the weather was like in December and January. Sure it was Winter, in the North at that time, but Portugal is still a little further South than the Countries that experience seriously cold winters. I glanced over the rainfall stats, not expecting all 14 days of expected rain over the period to happen consecutively over the 10 days I was there :-):-), resulting in a rather rainy Season 🙂 . But, I tried to look on the bright side and took some pictures of the reflections after the rain  🙂 🙂 .

Season is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of my Rainy Season trip are my response to the prompt…

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Life imitates Art

When I saw the prompt for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, Life imitates Art, it reminded me of instances when I encounter building art, street art or graffiti while I am walking around with my camera. Perhaps, its just me, but I try and look for a composition that includes something or someone that would complement that piece of Artwork in a way that it could be portrayed within it… 🙂  Hope that description makes sense 🙂 :-). Either way, its all subjective, and everyone’s perception is different. Have a look, maybe you’ll see what I saw 🙂

My response to this week’s prompt are a few of those images taken on my recent trip to Portugal.

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Life Imitates Art
when life imitates art-2
when life imitates art-4
when life imitates art


It’s more than likely that most people will have some recollection of at least a few New Years happenings during their lives, if not most of them (maybe not in chronological order 🙂 🙂 .) Perhaps it was with a special person, or a special place, or a significant moment, or a specific incident, ..whatever it may be, but that single moment in every year when the clock strikes midnight and heralds in the New Year, somehow remains more easily rememberable. (hmmm.. not sure if that’s a word 🙂 🙂 ).

So, do you remember where you were on the most recent New Years Eve? I do 🙂 I was in Porto overlooking the City, the Douro River and the Ponte Luis I bridge that crosses it, Fireworks lit up the sky as the clock struck midnight, and a New Year had arrived :-). Time is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the New Year fireworks at Porto are my response to the prompt…………

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