Storm clouds gather over the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, bringing promise of some welcome rain. During my recent visit to the Park, temperatures raced from a mere 9 degrees before sunrise to beyond 30 degrees within hours.
Situated in the Northernmost corner of the Northern Cape, and incorporating area within Botswana and Namibia, this arid to semi arid climate receives it’s rarely more than 100mm per annum of rainfall in summer, mostly falling during heavy thunderstorms.
It wasn’t long before the dramatic clouds were joined by thunder and lighting, and the inevitable rainstorm. Before long it was all over and transformed the arid landscape into one what appeared like a wetland with wonderful reflections of the 180deg rainbow overhead.
Landscape is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images before and after the storm are my response to the prompt.

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A time of Transition, between night and day, between darkness and daylight, between blues of the night and oranges of the morning, and the moments of half-light in between.
Half Light is the prompt on the Photo Challenge this week, and images of this transition prior to Sunrise at Muizenberg Beach are my response to the prompt……..
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Today was a Good Day

Spring has Sprung. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring is very much in the air. Days are getting longer, and warmer, and one can sense the end of Winter is near. It hasn’t been a particularly cold miserable winter, but I suppose one tends to forget as evidence of better weather patterns start emerging. Yesterday was forecast to be one of those good days, which provided the perfect opportunity to visit the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens outside Cape Town’s city centre. I arrived there shortly after sunrise, to take advantage of the early morning soft light, that does so much to highlight Nature’s wonders, and went back shortly before the sun disappeared behind the mountain. Today was a good day, is this weeks prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of my Good Day at Kirstenbosch are my response to the prompt.

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Today Was a Good Day

good day-20

good day-8

good day-15

good day-32

Weekly Photo Challenge : Beneath your feet

Patterns on the dunes at Koppie Aleen, DeHoop in the WesternCape are pristine when one arrives on the beach at sunrise. It’s not long before nature’s perfection is disturbed by a burrowing animal or feet moving across the dunes. Beneath your feet is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the dune patterns are my response to the prompt.

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Beneath Your Feet

beneath your feet-9
beneath your feet
beneath your feet-8
beneath your feet-7
beneath your feet-3
beneath your feet-5
beneath your feet-2
beneath your feet-6
beneath your feet-4

Weekly Photo Challenge : Silhouette

Durban’s South Beach at sunrise provides the perfect backdrop for silhouettes of surfers and paddleskiers taking to the water despite cooler winter temperatures. Silhouettes is the prompt on the weekly photo challenge this week.
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Split-Second Story

Capture an image that tells a full story in a single image – Split Second Story, is the prompt on the weekly photo challenge this week. My Split-Second Story response to the prompt is about a cloud bank that had formed over the sea and Cape Town harbour just reaching the shore shortly before sunrise, moments later, the sun had cleared the horizon, simultaneously the cloud bank started enveloping the City, depicted in two images, a wide angled version, with a zoomed in crop of the same scene.
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split-second story
split-second story-2

Weekly Photo Challenge : Horizon

Thought I’d change things a little with my response to this week’s “Horizon” prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge. Usually, images in my response are taken at the same venue, around the same time. So, this week, all the images are at different locations, and at different times, yet responding to the prompt. I recently also posted a response to the horizon prompt here…
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Good Morning!

Sunrise at Suiderstrand, a stones throw away from Agulhas, the Southernmost point of the African Continent. Imagine being the only person out there, with the entire African continent North of you, nothing but Ocean until Antarctica:-) South of you. Makes for a pretty Good Morning!! I was out there recently, camera in hand, so I’m posting these images in response to the Good Morning! Prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week……………..the journey continues……………..

good morning-6
good morning-2
good morning-3
good morning
good morning-4
good morning-5

Weekly Photo Challenge : Sea

Muizenberg Beach, south of Cape Town, favourite hangout spot for surfers, where the beach goes out a long way, and the sea just seems to unrelentlessly roll out gentle waves…which appear to be absolutely perfect for the all the first time surfers, though somehow provide enough of a challenge for experienced surfers too. The long beach provides a perfect platform to complement dramatic skies, especially at sunrise, c. Sea is the prompt this week on the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of this dynamic environment are my response to this weeks prompt …….the journey continues……..


Weekly Photo Challenge : GoldenHour

Probably the most popular time to photograph with photographers around the world, the golden hour, presents opportunities for images in wonderful light twice a day, Sunrise and Sunset. Table Mountain Road overlooking the city of Cape Town, is a perfect vantage point for capturing images at sunrise. I was out there recently, at sunrise, camera in hand. Some of these images are my response to the GoldenHour prompt on this weeks weekly photo challenge………….the journey continues………

golden hour-3
golden hour
golden hour-2
golden hour-5
golden hour-4