2016 Guy Fawkes – Cape Town – Glimpses

The City of Cape Town announced designated sites for discharging Fireworks for Guy Fawkes day. One of these was Maidens Cove along the Atlantic Seaboard. Hundreds of people gathered to view the spectacle of a large variety of Fireworks, large and small, very loud and not so loud, bright and colourful. Onlookers gathered around the parking area, whilst others who were discharging the fireworks, stepped onto the parking area briefly to ignite the fireworks and step away quickly. It all appeared to be very uncoordinated and chaotic, with fireworks ranging from loud bangs and ground based roman candle type fireworks to a variety of skyrockets being set off by people at random, some ending up dangerously close to spectators A strong wind added another dimension to the apparent Chaos. Thankfully, there were no incidents by the time I’d left, and hopefully it remained that way. Chaos is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the fireworks, and associated activity are my response to the prompt.

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Depending on their orientation, some of the Buildings on the Atlantic Seaboard, get a golden glow as the sun starts to set. Shining off the glazed facades of the higher, more visible buildings as well as the water, this glow is visible from far away.
Shine is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of Sunset and the reflection off the buildings are my response to the prompt.

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As the sun descends towards the horizon, the rocks along the shoreline of the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town are bathed in a soft golden glow, for a few moments, before the incoming tide washes over them. The intensity of the tide increases as high tide approaches, and before long the water covers the rocks entirely. In sharp contrast the water in the adjacent swimming pool is absolutely calm, completely flat, and perfectly blue, and completely transparent without even a ripple visible. H2O is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the waves and the Sea Point Swimming Pool are my response to the prompt………

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Sunset at Camps Bay, Cape Town,  is like an eternally changing canvas. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever get to see the same sunset twice, unless of course it is reflected :-). I had this opportunity not long ago, during an amazing sunset that filled the sky and saturated the dramatic clouds. There was some standing water on a concrete surface just beyond the sand which acted a mirror resulting in a reflection that added another dimension to this sunset. People on the beach provided human scale to this gigantic scene.

Mirror is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of the sunset and reflections are my response to the prompt. You may notice that one of the images my not appear as it seems but the mirror effect almost makes it seem plausible.

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Made out of stainless steel, approximately 60sq m in size, resembling the Ray Ban Wayfarers, looking out towards Robben Island, this pair of spectacles have been controversial since the day they were installed. Titled “perceiving freedom” this gigantic pair of “glassless” spectacles is a Public Art Installation on the Sea Point Promenade, in Cape Town.

Frame is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the “perceiving freedom” art installation on a rather grey and rainy day are my response to the prompt..

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How boring would the World be without diversity. I had to remind myself of this while walking along the Sea Point Promenade, a wide paved promenade that winds its way along the Atlantic Coastline, with magnificient views of Table Mountain, Lions Head, Robben Island amongst many others. Frequented by Joggers, Cyclists, Walkers, Parents with children and strollers, Whale watchers, Ice cream sellers, Paragliders and others all just having fun and enjoying the space. Recently, they have been joined by another group, who, as it appears, are not interested in the beautiful environment, but rather the devices in their hands, Pokemon hunters!! The latest craze to arrive in Cape Town. Gathered in groups, some tethered to one another with multiple devices connected to a single powerbank, others isolated on their own, some comparing what was on their devices with one another, but I guess with one common goal, to catch as many Pokemons as possible. Perhaps not my idea of fun, yet this group of young and old people seemed to be having a great time, glued to their devices, while the rest of us, just enjoyed the beautiful environment we were in. Fun is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of these Pokemon hunters is response to the prompt

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A time of Transition, between night and day, between darkness and daylight, between blues of the night and oranges of the morning, and the moments of half-light in between.
Half Light is the prompt on the Photo Challenge this week, and images of this transition prior to Sunrise at Muizenberg Beach are my response to the prompt……..
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The Golden Hours, at Sunrise and Sunset are probably the most favourable time for Photographers, especially Landscape Photographers. It’s the hour of Transition, night becomes day, and vice versa. Sunsets over the Ocean with clouds brush stroked above the horizon add another wonderful dimension. As the Sun slowly sinks into the sea the tones in the sky transition between the blue of the day and the deep yellow, orange to reds of sunset, before the blue of the night eventually becomes the dark of the night. Transition Is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and this sequence of images of 20 minutes at Sunset at Sea Point are my response to the prompt.

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Lunar Eclipse – Cape Town Sept 2015

Fortunately, I ignored the various weather forecasts that were predicting cloudy skies, and an unlikely sighting for Cape Town. So when my alarm clock rang out at 3am, I was determined to at least go out and have a look even if only from my driveway, and that one look proved all the forecasters wrong :-). The Lunar Eclipse had already started, with no clouds anywhere in the immediate vicinity of the moon. I came across a few other determined souls that were not going to forego the privilege of witnessing this extraordinary occurrence, though not anywhere near how many I expected to see.

So, following on from yesterdays post on the Supermoon in Cape Town,  https://4otomo.wordpress.com/2015/09/27/change/

here are some images of the Lunar Eclipse and resulting Red Moon over the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town earlier this morning.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Beneath your feet

Patterns on the dunes at Koppie Aleen, DeHoop in the WesternCape are pristine when one arrives on the beach at sunrise. It’s not long before nature’s perfection is disturbed by a burrowing animal or feet moving across the dunes. Beneath your feet is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the dune patterns are my response to the prompt.

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Beneath Your Feet

beneath your feet-9
beneath your feet
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