52 Photos Project : Delicate

My last post responding to Bella’s prompt on http://www.52photosproject.com/ was in Barrydale, so I figured it would be quite cool to post from the same location again. Ironically, the images for todays post were shot on the same day. The promt this week is “Delicate”. As I mentioned in the previous post it was quite a foggy morning, I was heading to the farm dam on the property I was staying at, when I stumbled upon these “delicate” spiders webs. Delicate, considering they can be very easily destroyed by a human or animal just walking past, on the other hand a perfectly engineered trap for insects and bugs. So, two extremes, delicate in one context and lethal in another. There were numerous of these webs along the way, and each in a slightly different environment, spanning between different objects, yet all performing the same function. Looking at some of them much closer, you could even see the dewdroplets hanging on like pearls on a necklace… The shots in todays post are some of the “delicate” yet lethal webs I encountered along the way………………..the journey continues………..

8 thoughts on “52 Photos Project : Delicate

  1. Oh, my gosh, those are beautiful! It’s always difficult for me to get the shots with the dewdrops like that. I have only a couple of successful ones. You’ve inspired me to keep trying.

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