Travel Theme : Leading lines

Ailsa’s prompt on the travel theme of this week is leading lines. Wonderful prompt, as it presents so many opportunities to post, seeing there are leading lines everywhere :-)…

I’m going back to Robertson (about 2 hours from Cape Town) for my post this week. Whilst on a hike on a huge private farm, I came across these vines that provided the perfect opportunity to take some images of leading lines. Fortunately, the camera was in my backpack, so I took a welcome break from the hike, to take some shots. It was late autumn, so the colours of the leaves were starting to change, adding some vibrancy to the scene.

These are some of those images……………… the journey continues………….

2 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Leading lines

  1. Wow, this is just glorious, the colours are stunning and
    the composition is brilliant. Fabulous post, 4otomo, thanks for sharing this beautiful part of the world. xxx Ailsa

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