52 Photos Project : White

Bella’s 52 Photos Project has a colour prompt this week – White. Once again, this is quite late :-(, nevertheless, its just in time :-). Recently, on a trip to Barrydale, I ventured out with my camera shortly before sunrise.
It was quite foggy and overcast, which started to clear very slowly as the sun made its appearance. Walking in the vicinity of a farm dam, there was an opening in the mist and I came upon this white rainbow. Well, it was rather unusual for me, considering I hadnt seen a white rainbow before, but lo and behold, there it was right in front of me. Fortunately, I ahd the camera with me, so I was able to record the moment.
I had a look on the internet, and came upon this explanation “a rainbow produced by the tiny water droplets of fog, which has much weaker colors and can appear white”. Sounds pretty much like what I stumbled upon……..some of the “white rainbow” images, and others of the dam are my submission for this weeks – or is it last weeks prompt.:-)
………the journey continues…………….

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