the early bird catches the……………………….

A few days ago I was posting a series of blogs in and around Muizenberg Beach. The last post in the series was the post called “morning has broken” which was about what it was like on the beach at sunrise. The weekly photo challenge topic was announced on Friday, so I posted about that for the last two days. Today, I decide to continue the journey on Muizenberg Beach at sunrise.

Sunrise is an amazing time of the day, and the wonders of shooting during the “golden hour” have been written about at length by many photographers. Even I wrote a blog about it not too long ago. My photographic journey thus far has taught me many things, one of the more significant things is that I “see” more, it’s that quest for trying to find great shooting opportunities, perhaps you could describe that as notice more, or observe more, or become aware of more, either way I’m sure you understand what I mean. So, this day was no different, when I got there, I noticed how quiet and peaceful it was, with very little activity, from humans and animals. And as the sun started making its presence felt, slowly the level of activity increased. Not drastically, but noticeably so. Almost in proportional intensity to how the night faded into day, so the “early birds” were emerging for their own specific activity.

There were the seagulls, at the waters edge, feeding on whatever caught their attention,

 there were the two guys perfectly adorned in waterproof gear, metal detectors in hand, headphones secured to their heads gently skimming the surface of the sand in search of something valuable,

there were a few people also perfectly equipped for the conditions with a pump of some sort, suctioning out moist sand and looking for what I assumed were prawns,

there was the guy with his caravan all equipped with food and beverages for the hungry souls who happened to be around here in the early hours of the morning,

there was the first morning train full of workers probably heading into the city to earn their keep for the day,

there were even more walkers and joggers than earlier, catching up on their daily dose of exercise and recreation

there was even a couple of surfers emerging from the water having completed their morning surf

each of them in their own way personifying for me the expression, “the early bird catches the worm”, each looking for their own “worm” in a manner of speaking……….it didnt take me long to realise that I too was just like them in my own way,  another early bird, trying to capture some amazing shots during the golden hour, before the night metamorphasised into day once again…….the journey continues………….

These were some of my images…………………..

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