another sunrise…….a stones throw away………

The Muizenberg sunrise blogging experience made me think of other sunrises that I had been to shoot in the vicinity. And viola I remembered that I had actually done one in Kalk Bay, which is a quaint little village almost a stones throw away….Ok!! the stone would have to be thrown by an olympic champion hammer thrower :-), but I guess you get the idea. So close but yet so different. Both are still within the False Bay coastline as one would call it with one big difference. While Muizenberg has this large expanse of Beach that seems to go on forever, the beach that is so famous with surfers, and swimmers, Kalk Bay has a little harbour. literally wedged between the sea and the mountainside this little harbour is home to a fleet of fishing boats.

So when I visted the harbour not too long ago, I was expecting a similar situation to Muizenberg. You know, deserted parking area, with hardly anybody about. Well, i was in for a surprise, firstly, the little parking area at the harbour was almost full. Secondly, there were very few boats about. There were a few fisherman on the harbour wall, and a few cleaners that had already started their working day. It didnt take long for the light bulb moment to arrive, the cars belonged to the fishermen who had already left on the boats that were no longer in the harbour.

The harbour wall is a perfect vantage point to catch the sunrise from, as it unfolds right in front of you perfectly refelected onto the sea surface. There was quite a cloud bank on the horizon, but it was’nt long before the sun emerged from behind these clouds in a radiant palette of oranges and reds.I stood alongside the circa 1919 little lighthouse and marvelled at the spectatcle, taking a moment to press the shutter in between. Once again, morning had broken, as the wheel that turns night into day gently turned itself over…..the journey continues………………. 

These are the result of some of the shutter activations……………………..


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