St James Beach colours…………….

Todays post is inspired by yesterdays Weekly Photo Challenge topic – Colours. It is such a wonderfully broad topic that you can find relevance to it everywhere that you look. My instinct yesterday was to post about the Annual Minstrels Carnival held over New Year in our wonderful city, because it is such a colourful event, not just because of the costumes, but because of the festive time of year and more so because it is so inclusive of everyone in the City. It is such a public event, that absorbs locals and tourists alike. But, that was about yesterday’s blog, problem is there are so many other appropriate references to colours I can think of, nevertheless, I’d better get off yesterday’s blog and onto todays blog 🙂

So, the Colours topic prompted me to think about these other colour scenarios that I have shot. I do tend to shoot a lot of vibrant colours, be it sunrise, sunset, dynamic skies, or even turbulent ones,  but St James Beach popped to mind because the colours are so prominent. A stones throw away from Muizenberg beach that I had been posting about last week, this is one of the smaller beaches along the False Bay coastline. The colourful changing rooms and the tidal pool obviously complement one another perfectly. The vibrant colours of the changing rooms are beautifully reflected onto the surface of the water in the tidal pool. At low tide on a wind free day the pool can become like a mirror, with a perfect replica of the huts reflected in the water. On slightly windier days or even as the tide is moving in, as water slowly enters the pool from the sea, it creates gentle ripples from the sea wall to the shore, These ripples create an amazing undulating effect on the reflected colours, almost making them fluid like they are actually flowing.

With the tidal pool having water that is warmer than the sea it is no secret that many people who you see there are actually there to swim in the pool, or picnic alongside it while the children swim, or just hang out. Of course there are others like me looking out to capture some photographs…………………..The journey continues……………………

Todays images are some of those that are synonymous with yesterdays theme, Colours…… 

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm lens f3.5/5.6, ISO 100, F14, 1/60 sec, FL=35mm

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm lens f3.5/5.6, ISO 100, F14, 1/40 sec, FL=110mm

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm lens f3.5/5.6, ISO 100, F8, 1/200 sec, FL=35mm

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm lens f3.5/5.6, ISO 100, F11, 1/60 sec, FL=60mm

Canon 7d, Canon 18-200mm lens f3.5/5.6, ISO 100, F11, 1/125 sec, FL=18mm

18 thoughts on “St James Beach colours…………….

  1. Some very nice colours there – I particularly love the refelctions in the water and the stark Red and Blue of the hut and steps 🙂

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