52 Photos Project : Horizon

I stumbled upon this description of “horizon” in a book on perspective some time ago…
“Suppose you looked at the flattest longest starightest road you could find, and that you held up a pencil in front of yur face, level with your eyes, you would see that the pencil covered up the distant horizon, from which you can conclude that the horizon coincides with your eye level.So if you were at the sea, a tall person would see more water up to the horizon than a short person or child would, however a child would see more than the adult if he was hoisted onto the aduts shoulders.If you walked up a cliff or mountain, you would see more than ever”..
Bella’s prompt on the 52 Photos project (www.52photosproject.com) this week is “horizon”, so I’m posting images of the horizon at the sea and from the top of Table Mountain, obviously, both sets from my eye level 🙂 ……..the journey continues……………..

6 thoughts on “52 Photos Project : Horizon

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