52 Photos Project : Harmony

The EOAN Group was founded by Helen Southern-Holt in District Six, Cape Town, South Africa in 1933. After the destruction of District Six, during the Apartheid years, the Group moved to their new premises in Athlone, now known as the Joseph Stone Theatre. The Eoan Group-School of Performing Arts is where the youth of different areas get together to learn various forms of performing arts. Tuition is offered in ballet, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, music and drama. I had an opportunity to photograph some of the students during this tuition.
Bella’s prompt on this weeks’ 52 Photos Project (www.52photosproject.com) is Harmony, so my post has images from my visits to the rehersals….the journey continues……….

harmony 1-5

harmony 1-3
harmony 5-2
harmony 1-2harmony 1-4
harmony 6-2

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