Weekly Photo Challenge – Possibility

Its Photo Challenge time again :-), and another topic brimming with possibility 🙂 seriously though with a topic like that it has to be, brimming with posibility, we’ve all heard someone say, or perhaps said it ourselves, ‘the possibilities are endless”, or even “anything is possible” 🙂 and this challenge is no exception whatsover 🙂
Those familiar with this blog will know that I’ve started travelling with my camera, so whan a suitable opportunity arises, I can get the shot. I am currently working quite close the main railway line that leads into and out of the city, in an aea called Woodstock. I’ve blogged previously about “how much more” one sees when you have a camera with, and my trips to and from work have been no excption. I happened to look out of the parking garage into the distance one day, and noticed not only the multitude of train laines leading into and out of the city, but also a large contingent of what appears to be derelict train coaches. All neatly parked together making quite an interesting graphic. On another occasion I noticed that the trains moving in and out of the City criss crossing the stationary trains, in contrasting colours, created quite a nice composition with the stationary trains. And so the “possibility” of being in the right place at the right time was born 🙂 the possibility of getting everything synchronised in a way to catch a precise moment in time when the trains moving and stationary were combined to make an interesting composition, and the light was favourable enough for being able to shoot at a decent shutter speed, from the right angle, with just the right amount of movement blur etc 🙂 :-). I figured that getting the perfect shot would require some preparation, so I’ve been taking shots to look at these possibilities. Unfortunately, I dont think I’ve got exactly what I’m trying to achieve yet, but I’ve managed to get some images that demonstrate the “possibility”.
So todays images are to try and highlight that possibility, consequenetly, the journey towards exploring that possibility continues………….

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