Driving through the Kruger National Park, one can expect that you will come upon wildlife sightings on a regular basis. More often than not, someone gets there or is there before you, and the opportunity to get a decent view and photograph is determined by this. Every now and then you get to a sighting first, that presents an opportunity to get a decent sighting, and not to mention, unobstructed photographs. Perhaps there’s a sense of safety in numbers, but the encounters on your own seem to have an amplified sense of danger. On a drive through the Kruger earlier this year, we were fortunate to come across 3 male Lions having an early morning “catnap” :-), very close to the roadside. One of them was well concealed in the grass and the other two were alongside one another under the shade of a tree. One of the two under the tree momentarily twitched a foot as the vehicle came to standstill alongside them, which prompted me to be a very careful as I gently opened the window to get a few photographs of the trio. Careful is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the sleeping Lions is my response to the prompt…………………..

……..the journey continues…………..


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