2015 Cape Town Color Run – Glimpses

The 2015 Color Run is here 🙂 Perfect weather conditions greeted participants at Cape Towns “happiest 5km on the Planet”. Lots of fun, lots of colour, and colourful people turned an ordinary 5km run into an extraordinary one 🙂
Cape Town’s start and Finish was alongside the Cape town Stadium leading participants along a scenic route which incorporated the Sea Point Promenade along the Atlantic Coastline. Undoubtedly there was lots of fun, and even more colour :-). These are some of my glimpses as I walked along the route. Were you there ??

Images are being added incrementally, so feel free to drop by again, to see the new uploads.

Higher resolution images and prints can be ordered on request by emailing 4otomo@gmail.com

Click on an image to browse through a slide show of the entire collection.


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