Weekly Photo Challenge : Creepy

We all have a notion of food chains and how they work, though it’s unlikely that we get to see how they happen while going through our daily routines. I was recently driving through the Kruger National Park, when I arrived at a scene which was a hive of activity, yet it appeared as though most of the activity was over. Cars that had literally wedged themselves between one another, we’re starting to move on, allowing room for later arrivals like me to get closer to the action. I casually enquired from another driver what the fuss was about. He told me I had missed the action by a few minutes, a Leopard had chased down and killed an impala, and before getting an opportunity to finish the hard earned meal, had lost it to few opportunistic hyenas, shortly after that some vultures arrived and sent the hyenas packing. The vultures were busy finishing off the carcass when I got there. More often than not one sees vultures in a tree or circling overhead. Perhaps you’ll agree, seeing them so close while devouring a carcass was a bit creepy! Creepy is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week and images of the vultures are my response to the prompt.

….,,,,,,,..the journey continues…………….



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