Weekly Photo Challenge : Reward

The Cederberg mountains, 300km north of Cape Town, is known for its dramatic rock formation and San Rock Art. Dominated by sharply defined predominantly reddish sandstone rock formations, the area is renowned for its quality rock climbing routes. Summers are very hot and dry, whilst winters are wetter and cold. On a recent visit we were hiking in the area with temperature in the shade of 34deg C, and came upon a sign which pointed to a waterfall. The half hour hike through varying terrain finally arrived at what can only be described as an Oasis on such a hot day. A waterfall running down the red sandstone depositing into a sparkling mountain pool, just reward for for following the sign, and enduring the extreme temperatures.
Reward is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, images of the hike, waterfall, and pool are my response to the prompt.

….the journey continues………….



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