52 Photos Project : Wide Open Spaces

2013!!! Hoorayyy :-):-):-) I know, sounds like I missed all the fanfare 🙂 We’re three weeks into the New Year, and this is my first post for the New Year.
I suppose Bellas prompt on the 52 Photos Project (www.52photosproject.com), is rather appropriate, considering most people would have had some sort of break over the Festive period, and quite a few would have ventured into wide open spaces. Having said that, my post for this topic is about an area north of the Polar circle, within what is referred to as the last European wilderness, an area in Northern Sweden called Lappland. Wide open spaces, as far as you can see, with snow capped mountains, and beautifully saturated colours of the Autumn is what I found when I visited there in the last quarter of last year. The snow capped mountains on the images in this post are of “Lapporten” the U shaped entrance portal to Lappland…………………the journey continues…………
Wide open spaces-2

Wide open spaces-3
Wide open spaces-1-2
Wide open spaces-4

Wide open spaces-1