Weekly Photo Challenge : Together

My post for this weeks photo challenge is rather late. I’ve been away on a short trip considering we’ve just had a super long weekend:-). As it turned out, Friday last week and today were Public holidays, so it made perfect sense to take yesterday off and make it a super long weekend :-). Friday was Freedom Day, our democracy’s 18th birthday….the perfect occasion for the “Together” challenge, so despite the delay, I was determined to post some images anyway.
Undoubtedly, with such a broad topic, there are numeorous interpretations of this weeks challenge. I’ve chosen to go with some images I took on Fish Hoek Beach not too long ago. Fish Hoek is a little village about half an hours drive from the City Centre, with a wonderful beach. I was out taking some shots in the early morning, when I noticed some activity on the shore near where I was walking. Curiosity got hold of me, and I decided to walk closer and have a look. There were a whole lot of people in the water around what appeared to be a fishing boat. The boat had these timber beams tied to the boat and sticking out on both sides. As the boat got closer to shore a bunch of men from the group of people moved to both sides of the boat, each taking up a postion at one of the beams sticking out of the side of the boat. As this happened it became apparrent that the beams were for them to hold on to , to enable pulling, perhaps even lifting the boat out of the water and onto the shore. So as the boat got closer to the waters edge, “together” they pushed and lifted the boat to the shore. It wasnt long before the boat was clear of the water and secure on the shore, proving the theory ‘many hands make light work”
Fortunately, I had my camera and was able to get some shots of the action. A selction of those images are ny submission for this weeks “together” challenge.

…………………….the journey continues………………………………

Weekly Photo Challenge : Two Subjects

I suppose this weeks Photo Challenge will result in numerous different interpretations of ‘two subjects”. I thought about my own interpretation and decided that I preferred the version where the two subjects were interpreted as “two subjects” each of which could have been an image on their own. Somehow, in my opinion though, the ones I have chosen, are each enhanced by the other, which kindof means that they belong together anyway.
Muizenberg Beach is about a half hours drive from the Centre of Cape Town. Its orientation allows it to create a perfect foreground for sunrise, througout the year, however, depending on the season, the alignment of sunrise is different. As we are heading towards winter, sunrise is becoming later, so the half hour drive to catch sunrise nowadays doesnt require loss of too much sleep :-). The amazing thing though is how popular the place is at sunrise, there are surfers taking in the golden waves, early risers taking their dogs for a walk, energetic others starting off with a brisk walk or run, some passionate souls just taking in the tranquility, and even a few taking the plunge for a morning swim. Of course there are the “ealy birds” trying to catch the elusive morning seafood catch :-), not to mention the photographer or two looking for some shooting opportunities.
I too, was out there recently, camera in hand, to try and capture the moment…………..amazing orange sunlight, filtering through the clouds, reflecting onto the gentle waves slowly rolling onto the shore…… providing the perfect first subject…………..place a few people into that image and the second subject completes my interpretation of this weeks “two subjects” challenge…………….the journey continues……………

time in motion 2

I’m out of town at the moment, so I’m actually posting this from a wifi connection in my Hotel room. I’m going to be away for a few days so figured that under the circumstances, I would try and post images where possible, without the usual commentary :-(. Todays images are a continuation of a recent post about time in motion. The images are from when I was on the Sea Point Promenade recently, around sunset, and in keeping with the notion of trying to capture water in motion. The waves rolling in with the dramatic sky and reflectiomns in the flatter water provided and interesting opportunity to practice these shots……….the journey continues …………

time in motion……………

Sunsets have been a regular feature on my blog, and this is another. However, this time is about capturing a scene with a slower shutter speed to create the image of motion. I have also posted about this before, so another in the series.Water is something that presents wonderful opportunities for this type of shooting, though I must admit, that at sunset the lighting introduces a bit of a curved ball. But, I’m still experimenting. Obviously, many other factors to consider too, so this is about using the opportunities to practice.

These images were taken along the coast not far from the Ciy Centre, I happened to be driving past around sunset, fortunately with camera and tripod in tow. 🙂 I stopped at the roadside, and captured these.

The journey continues………………………………..

more wave action…………..

A couple of days ago, I started with a blog about wind and waves, it was meant to be a series of blogs that were really focusing on waves generally. Waves, the ones generated by the sea 🙂 So, yesterday, this blog was paused for a moment to pay tribute to the Women of the world. It was Womens Day in South Africa, it is an annual official public holiday. Sadly enough, I was at one of our prestige shopping centres yesterday, and everywhere you looked Women were working! How unfortunate, one day in the year dedicated to Women, yet many of them actually dont have the luxury to get the day off 😦

So to carry on the series about waves, I have chosen some images of the sea at high tide, no radical winds confronting the waves like the post of a few days ago, just waves thundering their way to the shore crashing onto rocks along the way, in some instances not really reaching the shore but perhap crashing into a retaining wall, forming the edge of the shoreline.

I guess by now you would have figured how much I enjoy shooting the sea, coastline, waves etc under different conditions. Todays images fall into that category……………..The journey continues ……………………………….

wind and wave collision …………..

Wind and waves in the Western Cape have made frequent apperances in my blog. We’ve talked about the cape of storms and its impact on shipping, the lighthouse story at Cape point and Agulhas, we’ve talked about the various wind/water sports in some areas too. But I dont think we’ve just looked at these two elements on their own. Two major aspects of Nature that are often at loggerheads with one another. 

The wind intensity can be quite intense in this region, where wind speeds of gale force happen regularly. Port Elizabeth may be known as the windy City, but dont underestimate the wind in the Western Cape. Sometimes when the wind blows with intensity it is almost unrelenting, it just maintains that constant velocity, and some parts of the inner city become almost not navigable. Walk around a corner between two buildings and the wind that is being chanelled between the buildings can literally lift you off your feet, so hold onto your skirts, ladies :-). But, for now keep your feet on the ground, we’re at the seaside 🙂  

It was about a month ago, that I happened to be driving along the promenade, which is a pedestrain walkway which winds itself along the coastline adjacent to the city. Somehow on this day, the wind and waves seemed to be working against one another, whilst the wind was blowing off shore with serious intensity, the waves on the other hand were just obeying the laws of nature and charging towards before crashing onto the shore. Of course this results in very choppy seas, but the drama was really at the point of contact between these two forces. The waves were not unusually high, though high enough to witness the collision between these two forces of nature. As the wave was about to come crashing down, the wind which was blowing in the opposite direction was generating a salt water spray at the crest of the wave.

The wind chill factor was quite high, and the intensity of wind made it almost difficult to stand outside. So, I decided to brave life and limb to get some images for this blog :-):-). I put on all the winter gear I had, and held on firmly to my camera to try and shoot a few images. Keeping the camera steady was a challenge in itself, and making sure that it was pointed in the right direction to try and capture the moment proved even more difficult. But fear not, I have some images to tell the tale, some perhaps a bit out of focus, and shaken, but yet good enough to share this confrontation. The journey continues………………………..

wave meets rock………….

Those of you who have read some of my previous blogs would have noticed that many of my beach /sea/coastline shots always include images of the waves, either moments before it breaks on the shore or at the crest of the wave, or just the foamy water churning along the surface. There is always a dramatic moment I would have seen before I decide to take a shot, either something caught my attention, something I noticed, something that felt like it was worth trying to freeze in the moment. And, I guess all my attempts at that are really in pursuit of trying to capture that moment that made me want to take the shot. Often it happens once and never again in the same way, sometimes, it’s just because of a receding tide, sometimes because of an incoming tide. More often than not, I havent really managed to get what I was trying to capture, perhaps with enough practice, I’ll eventually get there. 

Similarly, I have also tried to shoot moving water to achieve a misty sort of blurred effect. More often than not, it’s too bright to be able to slow the shutter down enough to capture some motion. I’ve been successful a few times with this around sunrise and sunset, though not entirely satisfied with the result.  But, I persevere, and watch this space, one days when you least expect it, pow! it will be there, a great image, with exactly what I want to show captured for all to see :-):-) 

Fisherman’s Beach with its not too hectic wave action, provided some opportunities to try to freeze the moment of wave impact on the rocks, or just try to get a blur on the water surface by slowing down the shutter as much as possible. These are some of my attempts at it……………..The journey continues……………………………………………. 

stairway to thundering waves……………

Cape Point has featured in the last few blogs, so we are just going with the flow and continuing the trend. The municipal road leading up to the nature Reserve is the outer perimeter of a circular route from the City, and forms the link between the two coastlines that are separated by the narrowing piece of land that tapers to become Cape Point. It is a popular route with tourists and locals alike as it has many scenic spots along the way, with beaches for swimming, areas for hiking, golf courses, little villages, you name it, a myriad of places that you can stop at and engage in some activity. It is a route that is especially favoured by cyclists, as it is the point where the infamous 109km Argus Cycle Tour starts making its way back to the city, so a sort of “halfway” point. It is also the point where if you happen to be cycling the route on a windy day, you get respite from the South Easter. So its the point where you can stop working so hard cycling into the wind, because it will now be behind you, hopefully pushing you along.

The private road into the Reserve beyond the Entrance gate winds through the landscape, and offers numerous opportunities for hiking, swimming, fishing, picnicking etc. on two coastlines. So depending on what the weather is doing, you can choose the more suitable option. All are adequately signposted and clearly indicated on the little map that you get at the Entrance hut. Of course if you are headed to the lighthouse, then you would just drive past all of these and head straight to the end of the road to the parking area.

My favourite spot is Dias Beach, which is located alongside the cliff on which the lighthouses are situated. Now, it just happens to be the southern most beach on the Cape peninsula within the Cape Point nature reserve. :-). Did you spot that superlative??  What can I say this is South Africa.  This beach is visible from the parking area, but once you start going up to the lighthouse you really get to see how magnificent it is. It is situated at the foot of the cliff on which the lighthouses are built, cliffs which extend from below the parking area to almost form a bay or enclave at the bottom of the cliff. It is incredibly spectacular, when viewed from above, and even more so when you are below.

The access is via a winding walking route from the parking area, sometimes on a boardwalk, sometimes on the ground, and sometimes even on the rocks. If you don’t know how, you would probably just look at the view and marvel at how amazing the beach looks from above. If you look carefully, you may notice people on the beach, but who are barely visible because of the distance. So continuing along the path you finally get to a long staircase, yep! a rather long one..(.I should count the stairs, next time I’m there :-),) not for the faint hearted :-). A rather simple timber stair just supported off the rock face that seems to go on forever…………until you get to the top of a sand dune….then theres a walk down the really soft sand to get to the beach…….So, here’s the bonus, it is not uncommon to arrive on this beach and have it all to yourself…its incredible, completely isolated on a piece of paradise.  Reaching the level of the beach you quickly realise the reason why there is a huge no swimming sign at the foot of the stair …these waves are thundering in, and the high cliff around the beach help amplify the sound as if to emphasise the warning.The undercurrent is very strong and even just standing in the water this becomes apparent. There are days when the sea is a bit calmer, though swimming there would be extremely risky and detrimental to life and limb.  

A wonderfully, serene spot to have a picnic, just contemplate as you observe the waves crashing onto the shore. A look around makes you feel like you’re being observed, the cliffs are just full of birds, just hanging out, they probably figured that it’s a pretty cool spot to hang out too, so just sit out on the rocks and get on with their bird poo graffiti 🙂 :-). The rocks are covered with the stuff!! Time just seems to slip away when you’re down there and at some stage you probably have to face reality and muster up enough courage to face the long climb back up……………first up the slippery sand slope and then tackle the huge number of steps….Well, if ever you get there, here’s a tip from a seasoned visitor to this beach, don’t look up, just look ahead of you and climb away, sooner or later…..perhaps much later you’ll get to the top 🙂 🙂 looking up just makes it feel a whole lot further!!   ….the journey continues …………………………………….. 

That brings us to todays images of the beach from above and below, not to mention ……that staircase ..:-)