Weekly Post Challenge : Waiting

It’s the feastive season, so I figured it would be appropriate to try and do a post that would be relevant in terms of the “season”. We are heading into the end of the year after all. So for this weeks weekly photo challenge the blog returns to the end of last year, in fact the beginning of this year. The Cape Town Minstrels make their appearnce throughout the year at special events, though one event where they are definitely always present at is the New Years eve parade through the streets of Cape Town. I’ve posted about this previously, so those familiar with this blog may remember it. The New Years eve parade is followed by the New Years day parade, and once again on the 2nd of January. Thousands of people line the streets of the city on each of these occasions to witness the teams strutt their stuff.
I was out there this year taking some shots. The procession consists of numerous teams, and each of these has routine of song and dance, so the process of moving along the route can take some time. Once a team has performed in front of a section of the crowd, they move on and the next squad takes their spot and goes through their routine.
It doesnt take very long for these changeovers between teams, to become a bit time consuming, resulting in teams having to wait for one another to finish their routines before moving forward.
I took the opportunity to take a few shots of youngsters within some of the teams while they were “waiting” for the procession to move forward so that they could move into position and do their own routine.

Todays images are some of those moments…………..the journey continues …………………