Life imitates Art

When I saw the prompt for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, Life imitates Art, it reminded me of instances when I encounter building art, street art or graffiti while I am walking around with my camera. Perhaps, its just me, but I try and look for a composition that includes something or someone that would complement that piece of Artwork in a way that it could be portrayed within it… 🙂  Hope that description makes sense 🙂 :-). Either way, its all subjective, and everyone’s perception is different. Have a look, maybe you’ll see what I saw 🙂

My response to this week’s prompt are a few of those images taken on my recent trip to Portugal.

………. the journey continues………….

Life Imitates Art
when life imitates art-2
when life imitates art-4
when life imitates art

Weekly Photo Challenge : Work of Art

Graffiti, loved by some, considered as vandalism by others, yet it’s not uncommon to find commissioned work too. Scribbled, scratched or sprayed, legible or not, driving a message, or just a means of protest, masterpiece or menace, still a work of art to me. Work of art happens to be the prompt for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and these apparently commissioned pieces in downtown Milan are my response to the prompt

……………………… the journey continues……….

work of art
work of art-2
work of art-9
work of art-3
work of art-7
work of art-8