Weekly Photo Challenge : UP

The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company has been transporting people to the top of Table Mountain for 80years.
In this time over 20 million people have travelled “up” to the top of the mountain, from the base station which is at 363m above sea level to the station at the top of the mountain which is at 1067m above sea level, travelling a total height of 704m. Initially only carrying 19 passengers, the current version of the Cablecar carries 65.
Perfectly appropriate for this weeks ‘Up” weekly photo challenge, these are some of the images taken on a hike that essentially traverses the area immediately below the travel path of the cable cars……….. the journey continues…………..


Up, Up and away…………………

Yesterdays weekly photo challenge – Up, was great, because it provided opportunities for numerous interpretations. My post was from Norway showing some paragliders over the City of Bergen. Today, I wanted to post a second, so I wanted to stay in the same region, though in Sweden, so in Scandinavia, rather than in Norway.
While travelling into Stockholm on the bus one day I noticed a fairly new residential area on the outskirts of the City. The bus travelling to and from the place I was staying, went close by this area, so getting there was not too much hassle.
I got there one day shortly before sunset, and was walking through the streets of the area, when I heard an unusual sound, I looked up and spotted the hot air baloon. Originally, I thought it was only a single baloon, but when I reached a square that opened onto a lake, I noticed that there were quite a few just floating away way up there. It’s the kind of thing that just strikes up the jukebox in your head, this time tune was “up, up and away in my beautiful baloon” :-), which gives it the perfect context for my second post.
The journey continues……………

Todays images are of those baloons, up in the air floating over the City.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Up

Another great Photo Challenge topic, Up, providing opportunities for numerous interpretations. For my post today, I want to start off by heading North, so “up    ‘ on the map :-). Those who have visited my blog before will know I am based in Cape Town, South Africa, and todays blog takes us all the way to Bergen in Norway, yes, way up there 🙂 . Bergen has many mountains around the City and Ulrikken is the highest at 643 metres. Now the South African relationship with superlatives is well documented on this blog, so it stands to reason, when I visited the City, I chose to hike “up”  the highest one :-). It is an incredibly scenic walk, and is highly recommended.

The views from above of the City and the distant fjords are absolutely amazing. While I was there, I watched some paragliders who were enjoying the afternoon “up” above the City. There were quite a few, literally just floating along being held “up” by the huge brightly coloured sails of the glider. I can only imagine how much better the view was from “up” there.

Todays images are of these paragliders…………….The journey continues…………………….