Weekly Photo Challenge : Ready

There seemed to be a little confusion about the topic for this weeks photo challenge, sounds like the topic was not “ready” for release :-). So, this was an opportunity for those of us that were not quite “ready” to post, to get our breath back :-). Seriously though, its been a busy time recently, so even though this topic was released late, this post is even later :-(.

I’ve mentioned previously that its been a busy start to the New Year, so I figured why not post something that counteracts this busy start, even though we are only into the second month yet. You know just ease back into that holiday¬†feeling which would be pretty welcome right now ūüôā

So my images for the “Ready” challenge¬† are about being “ready” to unwind already :-), and also resonate completely with a previous recent topic “peaceful”. They were¬†shot while on a road trip¬†through Scandinavia a few years ago. I’m sure you’ll agree, they make you feel completely “ready” to ease back into the holiday season:-) ………………the journey continues…….