Weekly Photo Challenge : Hot

I stumbled upon a blog that had a posting to the weekly photo challenge on the Daily Post blog, I thought it was a really cool idea so I decided to join and post too. Imagine one topic interpreted in so many different ways by bloggers from around the world. Pretty cool 🙂 So I subscribed to the blog, and received a mail earlier advising what the topic was, lo and behold the topic of the first submission to the cool idea is HOT :-).  

I had an opportunity to visit a brick manufacturing plant earlier this year, and actually witnessed the process of the manufacture of a brick from when it starts off as clay. There are obviously numerous processes that happen before it gets to the stage where the actual brick is extruded and cut into the size of a normal brick. That’s when things start getting hot, the newly made brick has too much moisture, so it is fed through a tunnel which circulates excess heat from the kiln which is adjacent. The drying process can take a while up to 50 hours, even though its pretty hot in there. When it emerges from the drying tunnel with the moisture extracted, it then gets put into the kiln for the actual firing process. Things get really hot from here on, the temperature in the kiln is gradually increased as the bricks pass through it, reaching a pretty hot top end of 1200 deg C. That is absolutely seriously HOT!!

To demonstrate exactly how hot that is, a brick was removed from the kiln, it was absolutely glowing!! and oozing heat……..so these are my images for this challenge, bricks that are seriously HOT!!!……………The journey continues…………………………