opportunities with every cast…………..

It is becoming the norm for me to have a follow up post after the weekly photo challenge, and this week is no exception, with a topic like opportunity…one has to concede that opportunites abound 🙂 My follow up post takes me away from home, though still in South Africa. I was in Durban recently, and was determined to try and catch a sunrise at the beach, so realising an opportunity there. I prepared well in advance, packed the equipment I needed, checked the sunrise time, set the alarm etc all in the correct sequence.
Looking out of the window when the alarm finally manged to convince me it was time to start moving, I was met with an overcast sky. Undeterrred, I made my way to the beach. The cloud cover was quite low down, so I was not expecting a very dramatic sunrise. I noticed some activity on the pier and walked along it to check it out. There were a bunch of fisherman, preparing the lines with bait, and casting them into the water. When I saw this challenge topic, it reminded me of these fisherman, everytime that line with the bait and hook was cast into the water, was an opportunity to catch a fish. Sometimes, the line was reeeld in empty, but on a few occasions, the opportunity was realised and a shiny fish emerged from the water.

I watched them for a while and seeing it was past the time of sunrise, started walking back. As I did that I noticed the red glow on the water, and turned around. The sun had emerged from the sea and created a perfect backdrop for the silhouetted fisherman. Of course I had the camera in hand 🙂

Todays images are about those opportunities……………superimposed onto a dramatic sunrise……………..

The journey continues ……………….

Weekly Photo Challenge : Opportunity

How’s that for a coincidence? Last weeks photo challenge was possibility, after my original post for the challenge, I did a follow up post that was titled possibility and opportunity….so imagine the dejavu moement when I saw that the topic for this weeks challneg was opportunity.
Considering, this topic and my follow up post are rather synonimous, I’ve decided to continue the thread from the last post.

For those that did not read the last post, here is some context. I was visiting the Wildflower garden in Caledon, a little village not too far from Cape Town, the garden was an absolute kaleidoscope of really bright colours and flowers just oozing with pollen. I happened to notice this bumblebee ( prevously referred to as a gal 🙂 flying around and while tying to land, just reaching out and holding onto three or stems at a time. She had pollen all over, so was obviously having a great time just making the most of a perfect situation. It was pretty obvious with the flowers in full bloom, that the place was just brimming with opportunity, and our gal almost had the place to herself. The flowers on the other hand were just reaching out and basking in the morning sun, enjoying the opportunity that the day had presented.

I too joined the bees, and the flowers with an opportunity of my own, to get some shots

Todays images are more of the opportunities that were on offer, and includes an image of our gal had at work 🙂

…………….the journey continues………