Travel Theme : Oceans

Imagine you’re standing at the southernmost point of Africa, with the whole African continent North of you.  Imagine something like 8000 km,  something like 50 countries,
probably something like 2000 languages, and more than a billion people, before you get to another Ocean at the Northernmost point!! Thats pretty radical!

Considering this weeks topic on the travel theme on “Wheres my backpack” is Oceans, I decided to do a post on Cape Agulhas. As I mentioned above it is the southernmost point in Africa. It is also the place where two Oceans the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic come together as they round the bottom of the African continent.

Home to some of the roughest seas on the South African coastline, resulting in numerous shipwrecks over the decades. Here is a link to one of my previous posts about the lighthouse that guards this coastline..

and another that is about the Cape of Stormy Seas

So despite the ruggedness of the coastline, and shipwreck history,  I found that it was still quite an amazing place.

….the journey continues………….