surfers delight…………….

Recently I posted about the beach at Big bay which is an area about half an hours drive away from the City Centre. The surrounding area is a mixture of high and medium density residential which has grown substantially over the years. The area has a very long stretch of uninterrupted beach with wonderful view of the City with Table Mountain as a backdrop. Due to the predominantly west-facing orientation, it is also a perfect vantage point for watching dramatic sunsets, as the sun slowly sinks into the sea. The area is also very popular with surfers, and due to windy conditions which are often experienced here, also popular with kite surfers, windsurfers and the like.
I was there recently, shortly before sunset. The cloud cover was dense, yet the sun punched through at every available opportunity, resulting in an extremely dramatic skyline with the rays of light shining through like guided spotlights. The clouds were quite dark in some areas with the contrast of the light rays punching through, the sun starting to set, the reflections and the glare on the water, made it almost surreal. Add to this a few surfers, some just hanging out waiting for a wave, others leaving after having done their time in the water, and others still arriving and joining the others who were already there. All kitted out in wetsuits with boards in hand, or below them, complementing what was already a very picturesque scene.
As you can imagine, I was out there with my camera, and took the opportunity to get some shots. My last two posts have been focusing on my beginnings with HDR photography, so when I was thinking about today’s post, I considered that perhaps HDR would be the perfect technique to try to capture and convey some of that “surreal” quality, some of the drama in the clouds, some of the dynamics of the light punching through, and some of the dynamics of the waves and the reflections created by the setting sun and so much more.
So todays images are a continuation of the HDR technique, very subjective, though, I suppose, its my interpretation of what the scene looked like, to me.
The journey continues……………………………

textured boats too………….

The post from two days ago, whilst continuing with the theme of textures coming from the weekly photo challenge, was also about some of my first attempts at hdr processing. I suppose there is a fine line between under and oversaturating when working with this technique, but it seems that its different strokes for different folks. I personally, prefer a bit more saturation because I think the additional dynamic range is enhanced by having more vibrancy in the colours. But, its early days, perhaps, wit time and further experimentation, this perception will change…
So todays images are a continuation of the first series, if they appear a bit too saturated, remember they may be deliberately made that way:-)
…the journey continues ….

textured boats……….

Following on from yesterdays weekly photo challenge – textured, I looked at some images I took of some boats at the fishing harbour of Hout Bay, which is not too far from the City centre.

I had dabbled with some HDR previously, without much success, but this is a journey, so I persevere :-). I was there on quite a grey and gloomy day, so decided to try some bracketed exposures, which would provide some material to try out more HDR processing on. As it turned out, the images have quite a bit of texture on them, and would provide a suitable “second post” opportunity.

So I put the bracketed image sets together and came up with these composite images. Perhaps a little over saturated, but HDR is supposed to have a larger dynamic range, nevertheless highlights the textured look perfectly adequately, in my opinion..:-) . I wouldn’t say the process was entirely successful, but considering how little I know about HDR, they are a good starting point…………………………the journey continues……………………