Weekly Photo Challenge : Lost in the details

Some of my recent posts have featured images from my recent vist to the Addo Elephant Park, near Port Elizabeth. The Park is home to all of the big 5, though the Elephants outnumber all the other animals substantially. One is very fortunate to be able get close enough to these “gentle giants” to be able to get “lost in the details” which happens to be the prompt for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week. Watching them move about so gracefully, feeding, drinking and socialising amongst themselves without appearing to be hindered by the human intervention in their environment is indeed a privelage. I took the opportunity to look a little closer at these wonderful animals, todays “lost in the details” images are some of the resulting images…………….the journey continues…………

lost in the details
lost in the details-6
lost in the details-5
lost in the details-4
lost in the details-3
lost in the details-2