Happy Days

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, its starting to feel like the song “Happy days are here again”, the sun is making it’s way back, warming everything up again, days are getting longer, people are heading to the beaches etc. The last cable car down from Table Mountain is shortly after sunset, and considering its one of my Happy Places where I am able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the City after work on a Friday, into the quiet world above the City and have a relaxing start to the weekend. As the sun starts to set, the landscape recedes, and the illuminated City starts becoming visible. Happy places is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of my visit to the Mountain yesterday are my response to the prompt.
……..the journey continues…..

Happy Place

happy days
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Travel Theme : Night

Ailsa whose blog “wheres my backpack” hosts a weekly travel theme prompt, has identified this weeks theme as “night”. It’s such a diverse topic that I guess everybody who posts here, will have a few options each :-). I’ve chosen some night images of Cape Town for my post.

Nestled below the slopes of Table Mountain the City Centre gently follows the progressively shallower contours,  increasing in urban density as it makes its way towards the waters edge at the harbour or at the sea depending where in the City you are. The Mountain is not always lit up at night, though when it is, it creates a wonderful illuminated backdrop to the City lights.

Signal Hill is adjacent to Table Mountain, and a perfect vantage point for getting an overview of the City and its proximity and its context with the Mountain. I was out there not too long ago at night, with an illuminated mountain, illuminated city, and starry sky, camera in hand, to try and capture the moment. Some of these images are my submission for this weeks Travel theme “night”.

…………….the journey continues………………..