Stadium seating at the Cape Towns 2010 FIFA World Soccer Stadium has a distinctly ordered appearance when the seats are unoccupied, folded up or down. Add even only a few people and the order in that area dissolves to become secondary, whilst all other unoccupied areas still retain the orderly appearance.

……..the journey continues…………


Travel Theme : Pale

Interesting travel theme this week on Ailsa’s http://www.wheresmybackpack.com, which prompted me to post some images of Cape Town”s Soccer Stadium. Built for the 2010 Fifa World Cup, the stadium was host to thousands of Football fans from around the globe. It has a much more sedentary life these days, leaving the City with the dilemma of huge maintenance costs and not enough usage to generate income. The City Fathers are looking at various options, to try and inject new life into the stadium to enable it to become financially sustainable. Set in the environment of the wonderfully landscaped and always vibrant Green Point Park. Despite its monochromatic appearance the stadium makes a statement of its own…………the journey continues…….