Wow! Today happens to be my blogs 5th Anniversary 🙂 even I’m impressed 🙂 5 years of thank you’s to all my followers, commentors, likers, visitors and others. Every one of you made this possible. Without you, there is no blog, so Thank you again for coming along on this journey, please hang around for the next 5 🙂

After a what felt like a semi strenuous hike on a warm day in the Cederberg Mountains about 2 hours away from Cape Town, you arrive at a Waterfall. An absolute oasis emerges amidst the rocks and trees with Pure crystal clear Mountain water cascading down a waterfall filtered by some greenery and into a pool, before it makes it’s way down further through another gorge and smaller waterfalls along the way. It eventually makes it’s way to a pond downstram, which is a good couple of hundred metres lower in altitude (I suppose? it’s a pond, maybe a dam? it has a wall) and the water still looks as sparkling and pure as it was at the waterfall above. Pure is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the Waterfall and Pond are my response to the prompt….

……….the journey continues..



Walking in the area around the Stadsaal Caves in the Cederberg Wilderness area not far from Cape Town is like walking in what was once a Giants Playground. Huge rocks or boulders, I suppose, some as high as two or three storey buildings appear to have been carefully piled on top of another, as part of a Giants “lego” type game. Others just appear to have been rolled along the ground until they were just left standing where they still are now. Along the way you encounter various caves with small and large openings, huge in terms of human scale, eroded by wind, rain and time. It’s easy to imagine Giants living and roaming here :-). Just another great wonder of our amazing Planet.
Earth is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of this Giants Playground are my response to the prompt…………..

………the journey continues………..