One Love

Bob Marley’s “One Love” asked “What about – ? Let’s get together and feel all right”, perhaps we can take a few cues from the Animal Kingdom 🙂
One love is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge, and images of interaction between animals from my recent game drives are my response to the prompt…

…….the journey continues …………..

One Love
one love
one love-9
one love-7
one love-2
one love-6
one love-5
one love-3
one love-4
one love-8
one love-10
one love-11
one love-13

Weekly Photo Challenge : Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds is the prompt on the weekly photo challenge this week, images of animals in the Kruger National Park are my response to the prompt.
……….the journey continues…………..

<a href=””>Rule of Thirds</a>

Rule of Thirds

rule of thirds-4
rule of thirds-2
rule of thirds-3
rule of thirds