The Road Taken

The Festive Season turned out to be a very busy time in Prague. So, all attempts to get some “people free” pictures of the infamous Charles Bridge were not very fruitful, or particularly scenic. 😦 I tried visiting the bridge at different times of the day, sunrise, midday, late afternoon, evening, there just seemed to be a constant stream of people traversing the bridge. So, on my last evening in Prague, I decide to venture off the bridge, and walk along the river, beside the bridge. To my surprise, there was nobody there, it was the right thing to do, I managed to get some nice side views of the bridge and its arches, with lovely reflections of the environment on the river. There was even a tourist boat that drifted by adding some movement to one of the images. The road taken is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of Prague’s infamous Charles bridge are my response to the prompt.

…………the journey continues………….

The Road Taken

3 thoughts on “The Road Taken

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  2. These are some great night photos. Have you tried investing in a 10 Stop neutral density filter for your day time photos? That way you can get rid of the tourists. I use an inexpensive Zomei filter.
    Alternatively if you have photoshop you can take multiple images over a eriod of about 15 minutes and stack them together. If you then run the “Median” Script it will look for all the common pixels in the stack of photos and merge them together. That way any tourists in one image and not the other are deleted. It is also a handy way to reduce noise too, as noise is also random.

    Keep shooting!

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