It’s not often that one arrives home to find something extraordinary happen moments before you arrive. Well, this happened to me a bit earlier today. As I parked my car in the street, I heard a loud sound, and noticed sparks coming from the electrical cables on the lamp post in the street that I needed to walk through on my way home. I rushed around the corner to see what had caused this, and noticed that what is probably a 300 ish year old Oak Tree had collapsed across the street, causing extensive damage to two cars, and at least one house. Thankfully, nobody was injured, as one looked around the enormity of what happened becomes apparent. It was not long before the City’s Disaster Management Teams arrived, to commence the clearing up operations. As darkness descended, the sound of Chain saws permeated the air, as the tree was being carefully cut into smaller pieces for removal, by crane in some instances. I can still hear the chain saws buzzing along as I am typing this. Rare is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and images of the fallen tree, and the subsequent cleanup operation are my response to the prompt.

Click on a single image to view the series of images as a slide show.

……..the journey continues………….


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