The Hapoor Dam at the Addo Elephant National Park is frequently visited by large numbers of Elephants as they move through the terrain in the Park. It is a place where they drink, splash themselves, swim etc, before they finally move on to be followed by the next group. Consequently, other animals have to try and sneak a drink in between. I watched as a Black backed Jackal saw an opportunity to have a drink, shortly after some Elephants had moved off. The jackal carefully advanced to the waters edge and started drinking. Shortly after two Elephants, a younger and older an one, arrived on the other side of the water. The Jackal was obviously thirsty and appeared to have decided to just keep drinking despite the arrival of the heavies :-). The Elephant “partners in crime” obviously didn’t appreciate the presence of the Jackal at “their” waterhole, and tried to intimidate the Jackal, by mock charges and splashing water towards it. The jackal appeared unperturbed and continued drinking, so the heavies persisted with their bullying tactics. At one point the Jackal appeared to turn away from the impending splash, but turned back and continued to drink thereafter. Eventually, he moved on carefully. Perhaps he had enough to drink, or he decided he had overstayed his welcome :-). Partners is the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, and a sequence of images of the Elephants and Jackal interaction is my response to the prompt.

…….the journey continues…………….



2 thoughts on “Partners

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  2. Dear Mo,

    I’m writing to you from Wild, the publication of South Africa’s national parks. I came across your striking photographs of the jackal and elephants and we’d love to share them in our monthly newsletter. I know Wild members would love them!

    If interested, please send me an email for more details.


    Olivia; Editorial Intern

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