Imagine describing an address to somebody without numbers? Would be pretty difficult I think. I suppose some people would say you could use letters, or names, or descriptions, perhaps colours? Imagine something like this its’ the fifth red house on the right after the intersection. Well fifth is a number, so technically that doesn’t work. 🙂 It will have to be from the intersection, its the red house on the right side, with the square windows and a hole in the wooden fence. Imagine writing that on an envelope :-):-). Just as well we have numbers which happens to the prompt on the Weekly Photo Challenge this week and some images of numbers from my recent trips is my response to the prompt.
………the journey continues …………..


5 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. Great collection of photos! i especially like the second one. Looking forward to seeing more soon!

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  3. I really never realised how many numbers in various forms are in my everyday life. This challenge certainly opened my eyes to that. I love the various ones you have posted. 🙂

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